Ellen’s sex affairs

January 4th, 2009

This slut is not wasting her time while her husband on a business trip, he’s throwing her sexy butt into some really hot adventures and I am sure you’re going to luv reading about them…

Ellen entered the room. Oliver was sitting on the sofa and doing nothing. He was obviously bored. When he saw the woman he transformed. Ellen was wearing a black chiffon gown, the collar and the bottom part of which were trimmed with faux fur. A chic satin lingerie set including a bra, thongs and a garter was seen through the fabric. The lingerie was embellished with lace. Ellen’s slender legs were covered by black stockings with a lacy band. Black patent-leather high-heeled shoes completed the picture.

- How do I look? Do you like me?

- Sure, – the man mumbled, being struck by the beauty he saw.

Ellen came up to him, kneeled down and pulled his pants down quickly. The boxers followed the pants and Ellen saw a huge cock increasing in size in her hands.

- Wow! It’s so big!!!

Saying that Ellen wrapped her full lips around the cock and sucked it inside her mouth. Oliver leaned back and started moaning blissfully.

Soon his penis was as hard as a rock and Ellen could see how huge it was. It was over 10 inches long and more than 2.5 inches in diameter with an enormously big swollen violet head. However, the woman wasn’t frightened by the size of the monster in front of her face. She kept on sucking it, having embraced the base of it and jerking the shaft. Ellen either swallowed it up to the balls or released it and licked the whole body of the cock, touching the bollocks occasionally. (Read More…)

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December 31st, 2008

Sometimes you don’t know many things about your wife, but sooner or later your get to know every little detail and realize that she is a complete whore and you live with her…

Her life was full of sexual adventures. I realized it too late…

I met my wife at work. We both work for a large corporation. Once I had to go to one of our departments and saw a beautiful girl there. She was neither thin (as many of her peers were) nor fat. Good body, big breasts, a rounded butt, a pretty face, a tender voice and long fair hair… After a short chat I understood I had been looking for her all my life.

Half a year later we started living together. She wasn’t a virgin and it was not surprising as she was 24 at that time. I understand it is difficult to remain a virgin when there are so many temptations around you. That’s why I didn’t talk about it with her. Of course, she had some sexual experience and I wondered what was her first time like and what types of sex she’d tried. However, she preferred not to speak about it and said she wanted her past to be forgotten, she had a new life and wanted to think only about it. I thought that probably something bad happened and she didn’t want to recall that. So, I stopped asking. But I was sadly mistaken!!!

Our sex was fantastic! She was skillful and knew how to enjoy herself. But she refused to practice anal and oral sex as she considered them dirty and couldn’t overcome the disgust she felt to it. Moreover, she was strictly brought-up by her parents. (Read More…)

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It wasn’t intended…

December 15th, 2008

While the husband is away on business his wife is looking for some hot adventures and meets two hot studs willing to taste all of her holes…

I was returning to office after the lunch break. Today was my birthday, another birthday… A sad holiday. I wasn’t 40 yet, but very close to that… However, I didn’t look my age or probably people didn’t want to tell me about that… Though my female friends would surely give me a hint I was getting old. It meant I still looked well…

On the way to office I dropped at the supermarket and bought two bottles of wine and some snack. The packet seemed small but it was rather heavy. Alex had offered me his help but I refused saying the store was close… It always happens this way. You don’t want to trouble other people and then have to carry something really heavy on your own…

I crossed the road and noticed the bottles fell out of the packet. A box of candies tore the packet with the sharp corner and while I was crossing the street the hole became bigger. Now I couldn’t keep the bottles inside.

“What can I do with it?”

While I was thinking a young man picked the bottles up and gave them to me with a smile.

“I wonder how old he is. About 30 or more… Why am I so interested in his age?”

The man noticed the hole and asked his friend for an empty packet.

“Mmm, they are so provident. And suggest me carrying the packet to the office. Why not? I’d also offer my help in a similar situation”. (Read More…)

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Golden cage. Part 2

November 29th, 2008

The girl can’t be any happier with her new lover, he is so gentle and sweet, but one day it all turns into a real nightmare!

Several weeks passed. My family life remained unchanged. My husband was still interested in nothing but his business. He saw the change in me. He said he was pleased to see me finally find the inner balance I’d been looking for. I told him I got enrolled in dance classes and gym and really felt much better having something to fill the void.

Soon my husband was set to go on a business trip to Europe. I was elated when I found out about it cause it meant I could spend more time with Will, and we could probably spend the whole night together. Will often said he desperately wanted it but he was too polite and tactful to insist.

When my husband was gone I arrived at Will’s place. We had a lovely chat, drank wine, kissing and fondling each other all the time. I felt so excited, joyous and sexy. I wanted Will so much. He was insatiable. We had such great sex. When it was over, I went to take a bath.

It took me about 10 minutes to take a shower and when I was fresh and clean I wrapped myself in a towel and went out of the bathroom.

“Will, do you want some coffee?” I cried out loud.

No answer.

“Hey where are you? I want coffee, honey!” I said loud coming in the bedroom.

I thought to see Will lying on the bed but instead I saw a strange tattooed nude man of about 50 lying there. (Read More…)

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Golden cage. Part 1

November 28th, 2008

The girl is married to a really rich man but it seems he is married to his job, he neglects her wife and she starts thinking about getting a lover…

People thought I was lucky and damn happy. I bet some of my friends were dreaming about having the life I had… But I was so unhappy. I’m sure I wasn’t the only big boss wife who felt like a bird in a golden cage, gulping for air and unable to breathe. I had everything I once was dreaming about, I had a big posh pad, an expensive car, money, but I was fed up with my lifestyle.

My life was boring, monotonous and promising no positive change. I had everything I wanted but was really lonely and couldn’t enjoy what life was so generous to give me.

My husband was a big boss. He loved me and tried to spend time with me but he was always too busy to do that. Seemed he was married to his business, not to me. He left home early in the morning and often returned home late at night. He was often busy on weekends. Business is business, he always said.

Our family life seemed picture perfect but it was quite opposite in reality. My life was an illusion, I was so tired of being alone. Maybe it was partly my fault, maybe I just couldn’t turn my life into something more exciting than it was and use the opportunities I had. I’m young and pretty, I want to love and be loved.

My depression was totally unbearable sometimes. I was so apathetic I could spend days lying in bed and blankly staring into space. On seeing this, my husband tried to please me by buying expensive presents or taking me out for a dinner. Overall, I was used to living that boring kind of life I had, but I just couldn’t help feeling lonely and sad. I was longing for a change. Though it probably seemed as if I were too well off for my own good. (Read More…)

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    When you just divorced your husband you know you are going to have hard times for yourself, but it's not that bad if your girlfriend is near, they say lesbian love is the sweetest of all things, read and make sure!
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Adventures in the dormitory

November 25th, 2008

Students’ life is always fun, especially if you can hook up with a nice girl and it doesn’t matter that she is married…

I want to tell you a story that happened to me 8 years ago when I was a student. I studied at a Boston college and lived in a dormitory though I had money for renting an apartment. I just wanted to feel myself a real student.

Now a few words about the city… There are so many beautiful girls there!!! Every second girl is pretty, every third is VERY beautiful! And all of them like wearing short skirts, even in winter. Moreover, they don’t feel embarrassed if the wind blows the skirt up exposing panties.

The dormitory was great! I lived alone and regularly had opportunities to invite girls to my room. I had a lot of affairs, both funny and sad. Here is the story about one of them.

Her name was Cindy, she came from Wyoming. Cindy lived with my friend Julia. So, once I dropped in to Julia and saw Cindy. We got acquainted and soon knew quite a lot about each other.

She’d been married for a year already. Her husband was at home and she came to Boston to pass her exams, just for a few days. I realized I had to act quickly to be able to fuck her (that was my goal!)

It was Saturday and I decided to skip my lessons and pay some attention to Cindy and her pussy. I invited the girl for a walk. While walking we were talking a lot, drinking cocktails but gradually I changed the topic of the conversation to intimacy. At first it was just a trivial talk but I saw she was getting more and more interested in it. I got terribly excited, embraced her and kissed. She was aroused either but no reaction followed, though her eyes were languishing. (Read More…)

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A sofa delivery!

November 18th, 2008

This chick lives with a rich man who spends most of his time at work, but she doesn’t want to put up with the fact that she is being neglected, her pussy wants some action…

It’s been a long time since she last had the same experience over. She woke up, opened her eyes and sat on the bed. Then turned to the right and looked at the mirror standing on the nightstand near the wall. She still couldn’t get used to having such a nice and luxurious apartment. She was lucky to be fucking with her new lover, some fat cat from Western Coast, who considered that he picked her up. So was she in the morning. Mathilda was 26 year old, tall, slim-shaped chick with long nice legs. When she was walking down the street she usually wiggled her hips that drove men wild. She was sun-tanned with raven black haired; she was really Ok with her body and her curves were absolutely hot, this girl knew this factor and could have use of such features the way she wanted. Large high breast, round hips and of course neatly shaved pussy! “What a boring day” – she thought to herself. Mathilda got up off the bed and put on her pink robe. She was in for a new sofa delivered home any time. She was alone at home, as her fat cat had already gone on some important meeting, the housemaid went to the country to see her parents 3 days ago.

Finally the doorbell rang and she opened the door. There were 2 good looking well-built uniformed remover guys delivering the order. (Read More…)

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Who is Watching Who

November 13th, 2008

This guy has to work late into the night, he looks out of the window and sees a couple fucking, that’s gonna be a nice show and only later will he realize that the chick getting fucked was his wife…

We extend our thanks to the author Darrel Horton.

Sometimes a small incident no matter how insignificant will change a person’s entire life. I would like to relate such an incident that happened to me. Five years ago my wife and I moved into a High rise apartment on the south side of Chicago. There are also many apartments across the street that are only twenty feet away from ours. Sometimes when you are looking out you can see everything that is going on inside the houses. It was a clear December evening. My wife had just gone to bed. I was just finishing some work on my computer when I noticed a man and a women sitting on a sofa. He had an arm around her and he was kissing her. She looked to be about twenty years old. She had a sweet face and long black hair that flowed down over her shoulders. She was wearing a white blouse and a knee length skirt. The man was wearing a plaid shirt and jeans. Apparently they were in his apartment watching television, but they were really doing more smooching than anything else.

Occasionally the man would take a sip from the glass of beer on the table and then go back to kissing the woman again. This went on for some time. I really didn’t think anything out of the ordinary would happen, especially with the curtains open so i went back to my work. A few minutes later I just happened to glance back at them. Whew! Things had really changed. Her breast were now completely exposed by his working hand, and they stuck out like ripe melons. She was leaning back on the sofa while he deep kissed her. One of his hands squeezed her breast while the other was between her thighs frigging her. He was thrusting his tongue right down her throat. My mouth must have been hanging opened as I watched them. I couldn’t believe they would go this far right in front of an opened window. As they continued to heat up I felt my dick getting really hard and I had to overcome my desire to continue watching them. After all I was a married man and I had a lot of work to finish. Even so I had to take several deep breaths to regain my composure. After several more exhausting minutes, I had to sneak another look at them. Damn!. This had gone too far! Right there in front of the window he was fucking her missionary style. I could see his ass going up and down as he rammed her relentlessly. Her arms and legs were locked around him as she writhed beneath him. I was mesmerized by the site as I continued to watch them. This was better than a porn flick, except that you didn’t have a zoom lens and a rerun button. I wondered how many other people were watching this show they were putting on. He grabbed her ass and pulled her against him as he fucked her with long, deep strokes, as she brought her legs up over his shoulders. (Read More…)

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Now the guys want to try her pussy and some of them are willing to pump her asshole, her husband, tired of waiting enters the classroom and his wife getting fucked in all of her holes…

She had no problems with Sebastian and a minute later she could taste his semen. She licked every drop of his sweet cum from her lips.

- The next, please… – She said with a smile on her face.

- I guess you’ve started liking it… – David told her coming up.

Iren tossed her head back and rubbed her bosom against the boy’s dick.

- Fuck my tits!

David liked the idea and began thrusting his prick between her plump shaking breasts.

Iren’s mobile rang again. One of the students handed her the phone and she answered:

- Yes, darling, – she tried to sound natural, it wasn’t easy as David was fucking her boobs and she was swaying to meet his frictions. – No, we haven’t finished yet, … yeah, … soon…- she wasn’t happy to be speaking now.

The situation of being rammed while she was talking on the phone turned her on a lot and she waved to Andrew and took his cock into her mouth. (Read More…)

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10th wedding anniversary. Part 2

September 30th, 2008

Now the students want much more than plain striptease, the husband has arrived and is waiting for her in the car, but they won’t let her go until she gives each of them a blowjob…

While Anthony was busy with her breasts Sebastian was touching his teacher’s butt. Being occupied with her sensations Iren didn’t pay attention at what Sebastian was doing. But when his palm squeezed one of her buttocks she gave a squeak.

- Do you like your ass squeezed? – Sebastian asked keeping on holding her soft bun.

Iren nodded; she was enjoying that and wasn’t going to hide it.

– I’ll go on… – He said.

Iren nodded giving her consent. Having finished pawing her butt through the skirt Sebastian stretched his hand under it. His hand was moving up her thigh, reached the edge of her stocking and then his palm was caressing her bare hip.

- Guys, she’s wearing stockings! – He was dumbfounded by the fact his Latin teacher wore stockings. He was saying that in disbelief.

Iren felt hurt of his words, she WAS wearing seductive clothes. (Read More…)

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