My girlfriend’s husband!

February 27th, 2009

The woman feels that she is no longer turned on by her husband, she seeks sexual pleasures on the side and there appears her girlfriend’s husband who seems to be a rather horny…

I am a 29 year-old hot wife. I have shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes. I am 6 feet tall, and thin. I have a tight, hot ass, long legs, and my tits are of the size to blow any guy’s mind! I keep fit and go to the gym day after day. My husband looks terrible. He has let himself go, and I am not really turned on by him. I have not cheated on him but find myself checking out hot guys all the time.

My old girl friend just had come from maternity home and I agreed to make dinner for her family. Wearing a tracksuit, I brought dinner to her house. It was one of those hot days when summer was in full force. She answered the door and apologized that she had to go to a scheduled doctor’s appointment. She asked me to help her husband, Justin with the dinner. Justin is gorgeous. He has a rock hard body and dark eyes. His body is well built and it is obvious that he keeps fit in the gym as I do. He came down the steps in a tight black T-shirt and jeans:

“Hi Justin,” I said with a smile. He looked me up and down. He took the pasta I brought and put it on the counter. (Read More…)

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A neighborhood slut!

February 25th, 2009

This woman is being neglected by her husband, he ignores her pussy and she has to resort to dildos to satisfy her lust, but that can’t go on forever and she hooks up with a bunch of horny students who are willing to fuck all of her holes.

Samantha looked at herself in the mirror. She is a stunning 29 year old, and her friends always said that she could be a model if she wants to. Samantha has an angelic face, sweet, big blue eyes, sexy lips, so juicy and desirable, that of Angelina Jolie’s. When she smiles, it opens a wide range of white perfect teeth. Her natural long blonde hair falls down her shoulders, partially covering her breasts. Her breasts are larges, with sexy large nipples that look deliciously, like 2 jewels waiting to be sucked. Almost every day she waxes and shaves her pussy, and it is very smooth to touch it definitely opens up a good view of her swollen, ripe vulva.

She was super gorgeous. The most annoying thing which was bothering her at this time was her hubby Andrew, who had been ignoring her recently. Why he was ignoring her, she wondered. Andrew has been her husband for 4 years. He was 30, when he married her. From the very first day, Andrew couldn’t get enough of her. They would fuck every day. Sometimes, they have sex 2 times a day, and during the weekends they would have it 3 times a day! Samantha has got a high sex drive and it suits her sexual needs. But lately, Andrew has changed, after he was promoted to the Financial Director’s position in his company. He goes for long business trips and he is always tired when he comes home late at night. Her pussy ached for his 9” cock, but all the time, he cannot give her what she really needs.

Looking at herself again in the mirror she says to herself that she looks great and she doesn’t need any plastic surgery help. She knew it that if she only went out for a walk, she could get any man to fuck her anytime. “Oh, my God! I need a man!” Samantha was really desperate. (Read More…)

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Pamella’s sudden fuck!

February 24th, 2009

This guy is an ordinary worker employed by a nasty, rich bitch, she is really arrogant, but things will change when she sees his huge cock…

Oscar, a young well built and well hung stud had been working all day outdoors and the heat really was getting to him, so he went inside to grab a glass of water or something to drink. He was hired to do gardening work into the house of some divorced rich bitch, she didn’t work, but lived on the revenue of her big estate in Miami rent. She paid him really good, so he had no reasons to be disappointed about this new job.

When he got inside he could hear moaning, he immediately knew what it was and he crept closer to the door. There he could hear a gentle buzzing and Pamella saying something… it was a stiffened voice, so eh could swear there was something happening! This was getting him hot just behind the door and he leaned in closer …He was getting hard! It was time to make his move.

Pamella had been teasing herself with the huge red plastic vibrator when she heard a noise, but she was so far to even care who that was, she closed her eyes and kept up her rhythm fucking that fake cock in and out. When suddenly a man was stood in the door way watching her, Pamella topped and pulled the bed sheet over her self with embarrassment:

“What are you doing?” she cried: “Get the fuck out!” (Read More…)

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Wedding celebration

February 24th, 2009

The wedding is in full swing and suddenly the bride disappears, can a bridegroom guess that while he is looking for her, she’s sucking on another man’s cock!

I had no desire to attend this event. I had plenty of work to do and wasn’t interested in the occasion as the couple was really strange: he was 60 and she was 30. She – is my wife’s ex-neighbor, Samantha. My spouse, Rebecca had seen her last when she was still at the university and once came to visit her parents on vacation. Then the girls parted. Samantha married and left for New York. A bit later she divorced. But her parents moved away and Rebecca lost contacts with the girl.

And two weeks ago in one of the boutiques a tall, slim and rather pretty woman exclaimed
“Rebecca!!!” and started embracing my wife: “Do you recognize me?! Do you remember..?!”

Rebecca introduced her friend to me. We exchanged a couple of meaningless phrases and I left feeling really vexed by the fact we had to put off the buying of a present for my wife. Two women decided to celebrate their meeting in a café. (Read More…)

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I needed money greatly

February 18th, 2009

This girl needs money badly and she’s going to do everything to get it, she’s gonna go get rid of her complexes and set her pussy free…

I needed money greatly. I was keeping silence watching my neighbor John pulling his shorts and boxers down. He was doing that very slowly. The first thing I saw was his red pubic hair that grew all over from one leg to another and seemed to me a thick wood. Then his shaft appeared. It was bright pink with veins. When I could see it fully I realized it was much fatter than my husband’s one. And when the full-size of the cock slid out of the boxers I even gave out a scream – so big it was! The head was wine red and no smaller than my fist and the dick looked ribbed because of veins. I stopped breathing…

John was standing in front of me with his huge cock swaying before my face. He was stroking my head and his other hand was sliding up and down along the shaft. I was looking at this phallus spellbound. I had never seen anything like that before. All I needed to get the money was to make it explode… Not much…

- Don’t be afraid, girl! – I heard his voice. – Take some cream and spread it over. Your hands will slide well and it will bring me pleasures. (Read More…)

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The Teacher’s Pet. Part 1

February 10th, 2009

Our author THOMAS HUGH has sent us a story, which I am sure you are going to love! The horny teacher needs male’s attention, since her husband is on his official mission away from his home country, the teacher’s pussy is leaking and she decides to try her luck with one of her cocky student….

We extend our thanks to the author THOMAS HUGH.

- Is everything clear? Any more questions?

- No, miss. Your explanations made me understand the lesson very well.

- Good. Remember to do the homework.Test your knowledge by doing Exercises 3,5 and Come here next time on Saturday at 2:30 p.m. sharp.

- Yes, miss. Do you have any household chores that need my help?

- No, thanks.Not for today. You can go now.

- See you on Saturday, miss. Good-bye.

Laura is a teacher of physics. She graduated long ago and is now in her late thirties – a buxomy, sexy woman with fine deportment. Tony is her pet high school student, not owing to his school results since he is a repeater and is now 19 years old, the tallest and oldest boy in her class. But probably because he looks like a young sportsman rather handsome with broad shoulders and large pectorals. He is mild-mannered,friendly and helpful and is loved by all his classmates. To help him upgrade his school results, Laura regularly tutors him in maths and physics once or twice a week. As a token of gratitude, Tony often helps her doing occasional, small domestic repairs. (Read More…)

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Feel Heaven on Earth

February 4th, 2009

Read the story from our author, it seems like he enjoys fucking wives and milfs while their husbands are away, he names his cock a “rocket” and you should read and understand why he does that ;-)

We extend our thanks to the author Big Banana.

Hi all. I am Rockstar, 5.8″ tall very fair and muscular built with inviting smile and expressive eyes. I would like to share a lovely experience with you all. I work in an IT MNC and live in one of the posh localities in the city. Beside my flat there was a north Indian family. The lady lets name her ANGEL. ANGEL was like a real angel. 5.7 Tall with yellowish white bright color with colored hairs and pink rosy lips. She often used to wear jeans and loose t-shirts exposing her belly button (navel). Her husband was a Civil Architect in an MNC. I used to always admire her voluptuous figure secretly. Her main asset was her ass cheeks. When ever she wore jeans its actual shape also peeped out making me rock hard inside. One fine day in the early hours while I was jogging, I saw her learning car from her husband. We exchanged a smile and I was back on my jogging. Days passed. Whenever I and ANGEL came across anywhere, like hyper markets etc we used to exchange smiles. On one Friday night around 8 p.m. I returned from outing and then ANGEL’s husband approached me in the basement and told that he was going abroad for a week and have his flight tonight but his driver had not turned up still and asked if I could drop him to airport and get his car back. As there was transport strike going on. Also told that his wife is still learning to drive a car hence cannot take the risk and we both laughed. I agreed as a duty of a caring neighbor. Around midnight I got a call from him and asked me join in basement. (Read More…)

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The common fuck slut!

February 2nd, 2009

When a wife feels that her husband is not giving her enough satisfaction, she turns to his friends and those guys are always ready to push their cocks into her sluttish pussy…

She was on her back getting fucked by a friend of her husbands. A group of 9 men, his other friends, stood in the yard watching and waiting their turn. Actually, doing all that stuff was making her the cool common fuck slut. Whenever there was a party, every man in the party would fuck her, and she wouldn’t leave any balls unloaded, and she knew it. But it was too late to turn back ad try to do something about it, she knew that from now she would be a good present for every party which ends up with fucking orgy. She knew she was in for a long night.

It started long before the party. Her husband lost his job, got lazy and was always surfing the internet for porn. She caught him and confronted him several times. She couldn’t understand why he would be looking at those ugly horny sluts with cumshots on their faces on the computer when he had her in the same room. However he showed no interest in her any more. She was a realist and knew it happened in marriages, but she also knew she was a hot babe by anyone’s standards. She was a brunette with huge tits and great legs. Though she was not a teen, she still looked gorgeous and so fucking sexy. (more…)

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What happened that night!

January 30th, 2009

A husband gets drunk and his wife wants to have fun with his friend, who is already fucking her husband’s sister in the woods…

It was in the middle of summer and that meant it was time for our usual annual camping trip. My friends and I had been doing this since we were teens. Now, most of them are married, and we don’t spend much time together anymore, so we really look forward to this trip. While my friends have been busy getting married, I have focused all of my efforts on my career. I am a 29 year old guy, 6”3 and with a nice muscular body, good hair and a nice smile, I am very confident and love to flirt.

We all arrived at the campground on Friday night. It was the same old company, except a few new guys we had this year. The reason I was looking forward to this weekend was not about previous years. It was all about that my friend Andrew brought his sister Barbara this year. Andrew has been at many camping trips as I have. He and his wife Tatyana talked Barbara into coming this year. Barbara had been married for 2 years and just recently got divorced. I always thought Barbara was hot. She had long blond hair, with a killing gorgeous body and had a cute face with a smile that was so inviting.

From the time we were teens, Andrew had made it perfectly clear that he didn’t want me near his sister, so, with all my respect, I never considered her as a prospective girlfriend. Of course, I’d always flirted with her and she always flirted back. There was a definite attraction between us but neither of us ever made a first step. (Read More…)

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Ellen’s sex affairs. Part 2

January 5th, 2009

This slutty wife can never get enough of cocks, even after she’s been fucked like a cheap whore, she feels it’s not enough for her, she goes to the store and starts flirting with the security guys, how about introducing their cocks to her butt?

He put the thongs aside and thrust his erected cock between her buttocks into the hole he liked so much. Oliver didn’t allow her to understand what was happening and entered her up to the balls. She screamed and moved her legs widely apart. He started fucking her slowly enjoying every second of the process. He pulled his dick out until his swollen head appeared at the anus ring and then thrust sharply back, up to the limit. Each push made the girl moan and her nice halves slapped against Oliver’s muscular body.

- You’ve aroused so quickly, my stud! – Ellen said and put his right leg on the table. Her hands spread the halves and were holding the panties.

- Your ass will make excited even the dead, – he said and increased the tempo.

Ellen’s moans were getting louder and louder.

- Move faster, my stud, I’m near my climax, – she moaned and built the tempo moving in pace with her partner.

At this moment the telephone rang. Ellen picked up the receiver. Oliver thrust up to the balls and stopped still. (Read More…)

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