Having tried anal the husband now feels that it’s not that bad and his wife promises to buy a dildo to do his ass more often. The vacation goes on and the couple goes to the beach and the new adventure begins…

Funny, my head didn’t hurt although I drank a lot last night. If not the pain in my ass, literally, I would be feeling great. Erin was feeling a bit worried and guilty for the adventure so she acted like the best wife in the world. She was so sweet and was like “Richard, I love you so much! You’re so nice, so handsome… Please don’t be mad at me. I wanted you to try it and see if you like it, that’s it! Oh, babe!” I asked her:

- “Erin, does your ass hurt after you get butt-fucked?”

- “It doesn’t anymore. But it used to in the beginning… You’ll get over it. I mean you’ll get used to it. When we go back home we’ll buy a dildo and I will love to do you in the ass! You’ll like it I swear. But for now let’s go to the beach.”

And so we took a shower and went to the best beach in the world – the nude beach. Everything was the same: everyone naked, same spot by the cliff and all that, except for the feeling I had. I knew it was just in my head but it seemed like everyone knew that last night I got butt-fucked. (more…)

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The wife saw her husband sucking on a dick, she even saw him swallowing the man’s cum, but that’s not enough for her, now she wants to see his butt being fucked and the landlord doesn’t mind it…

During the morning coffee I and Erin were quiet. We tried not to look at each other because were afraid to look into each other’s eyes.

- “Listen, Richard… you know George is right that actually everything that is done is done for good in this life. We are on our vacation, so let’s enjoy it. And what happened yesterday has nothing to do with our love and our marriage. It was just an animal instinct.”

My wife put it all just the way I was thinking. I felt a relief and we started laughing. We decided to check out the nude beach George was talking about. A few minutes later we started seeing the signs of the coming nude beach. It was a real shock to us! Right on our way there were standing an old man and two old women talking about weather… the only thing they were wearing were sunglasses.

Poor Erin even chocked over. The clique easily moved away to let us go by. They didn’t even look at us. It was a small beach and the absolute majority of people were naked. For a moment we stood there a bit lost… But Erin said:

- “Let’s lie down over there…”

She pointed her finger to the free spot and started unbuttoning her sundress. She was the first one to take off her bikinis. (more…)

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Do you get excited by watching lesbians in action? Well, imagine that your wife is excited by seeing men engaged in homosexual sex and she wants you to try that in her presence, what would you do? Would you agree to please your wife?

It was Sunday morning. I and my wife were just lying in bed watching porn, you know. We were cuddling and petting each other and I felt she got really wet during the lesbian scene. Her pussy started melting on my fingers…

- “Erin! I think you like watching lesbians, don’t you? Hah, do you think you could eat another woman’s pussy?”

It took her a few seconds to answer. She whispered:

- “I don’t know… May be… Perhaps, depends on circumstances…”

- “Have you ever made out with another girl” come on, tell me…”

- “No, I haven’t. I would have told you, babe. But I read in some magazine that girls satisfy each other much better in oral sex than men do.”

- “Better than me? No way!”

I went down to her pussy and started licking her out. Her juice was so heady making me suck her swelling clit. The “pea” was getting bigger and bigger and than got real small again. That moment my wife had an orgasm. She curved and squeezed my head between her legs. She was shaking in convulsions more than the usual. But of course I didn’t let her chill down and got on top of her. I pushed my gun all the way inside her hot wet pussy! With every abrupt move my dick was banging against the matrix. And trust me she was having the best time! (more…)

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Close friend

December 6th, 2007

A young couple invites a friend over to dinner, they play cards to amuse themselves and suddenly a husband comes up with an idea to play a wish game, specifying that the wishes should be erotic ones!

Hi, my name is Alexander and here is my story. It all started on a bright, sunny day when my wife Marry told me that she wouldn’t mind fucking my friend, she was kidding of course and I took it as a joke and didn’t actually pay attention to her words. My friend John isn’t a kind of a strong man, he is short, skinny, nothing to admire as a matter of fact. Once we decided to go for a walk in the park. John picked us up (he’s not married so he visits us pretty often). I got dressed and went out while my wife Marry and John were still in the apartment. Several minutes passed and they were still in, I was already going to go see what was up when they appeared at last, their faces were red but I paid almost no attention to that as we were in a hurry. After a nice walk in the park my wife and I came home late. The moment I entered the apartment I felt an urge to fuck my wife. We took off our clothes and headed to the bedroom. I was so horny that I wasted no time on foreplay, I pulled the panties off my wife and got on her immediately. Marry was also on the verge of excitement and we were both at the seventh heaven. I was drilling her hard when I suddenly asked:

Marry, what took you so long with John? Marry answered with her eyes closed: Oh, Alex, you know, it’s me, I was just unable to control myself and I kissed him. “Is that all?” I asked again. “No, he was kissing my breasts too”

You won’t believe it, but as soon as she said this we both came. Of course, I was angry. My friend and my wife were making out, but along with anger I felt great excitement, Marry came back from the shower. (more…)

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Trial coition!

October 6th, 2007

That was a fabulous threesome, two men and one woman, but they were all pleasing each other, men’t butts were rammed and drilled and they enjoyed it!

It was juts new experiment when after having sex Eva and me decided to try something unusual, she suggested me putting female cloth on and fuck that way. She just brought some belongings (we had nearly the same bodily build) and set to dressing me up. I had to wear black panties, hardly covering my cock and balls, black stockings and high heeled shoes. Eva also made me dress white shirt and a mini skirt on top, next, she applied some make up and nail polish, penciled my eyebrows and eyelashes. I noticed that during this process she was smiling looking at me like a sculptor admiring his work. When she gone I moved up to the mirror and looked in. there was a nice petite babe looking at me, and I would never miss this chick somewhere outdoors, for example; the only drawback was her petite tits, of a very small size. I looked very fine! Very very fine!!! I even loved myself! Then, Eva called me back to the bed-room, I picked some snack and drink with me and came in, when I did, Eva was lying on the bed, she put on white top, lacy panties and white stockings with white high heeled shoes as well. The slow music was on, I poured some wine into glasses, we drank gazing on each other, her hand on my shoulder and mine – on her ass, we moved round in dancing, thought it was very difficult for me to handle this shoes. (more…)

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fASScinating party

September 30th, 2007

How about being tied to bed unable to move? Girls are having fun making you lick their pussies and fucking you, then a guy appears and it seems like he loves your butt, he’ll fuck it and you can’t resist it!


I was sitting in the park, watching girls pass me by. I was hunting. All I was thinking about that moment was to find a girl I could fuck that night. I saw two sexy chicks. One of them was wearing a tank top and very tight short shorts that exposed her pussy. Her friend was wearing a semitransparent dress that made it possible to see her firm breasts, her nipples. The girls definitely turned me on! They were looking at me. I was looking at them. They came up to the bench I was sitting on. I thought they wanted to sit there too. I got them wrong. The one in shorts looked at me languishing and said:

-Hi, I’m Ann, and she is Pam. We are having a party today, and there are more girls than boys there, so would you like to come?

Good question, I thought.

-Why not, -I replied.

-OK, here’s the address, – Pam said, – come at 11. You won’t regret it.

-Bye, – they said at once.

-See you later…

They were going to the fountain. I was very surprised by their proposal, staring at their asses. (more…)

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Unforgettable date

September 26th, 2007

A couple invites a friend to dinner, but he wants more than that, he fucks the young wife and then her husband and they are all happy.

It was hot summer day. I had a weird feeling that something unusual and miraculous would happen to me. I was on my way to meet with a young couple. I saw their ad on the Internet. First we arranged the deal on the phone. I was talking to a woman with a very pleasant voice. We agreed to meet at their place. That’s where I was going, actually. Lots of nice erotic fantasies occurred to me on the way there.

I bought a bottle of wine. I came into the house in an average street of an average district. The third story. I had butterflies in my stomach, it was scary a bit to ring the bell. But I did. The door flung open and I saw a young attractive girl of about 25. She wasn’t very tall. She had long dark blonde hair, big brown eyes, plump lips, and a big breast. I could see her hard nipples, that made me come to a conclusion that she didn’t like to wear bras. The skirt wasn’t very short, but I could see her tanned slender legs.

-Hi, – the girl smiled, – you must be Fred.
-Yeah, that’s me, and you are Natasha? – I handed her the wine bottle.

She let me in. a young man came out of the room. We shook hands.

-I’m Andrew, hi.

The guy was strong. When we went into the room I saw it was rather big and cozy. A huge couch was standing in the farthest corner. There was a coffee table in front of it too. We sat down on the couch. (more…)

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The bet!

September 9th, 2007

After a noise party this guy goes to sleep with two other men in the room, but for sure they are not going to sleep, they’ve got something more exciting and interesting to do!

Having fun in one of our city’s night clubs we happened to meet 2 married couples, who turned to be very cheerful and merry persons, after a short talk it seemed like we had been friends for many years, so well we got on with one another. When it was time to leave we exchanged our phones and agreed to meet at the next weekend at Stan and Mary’s home, to have some steam bath. On Saturday we were picked up by Alan and his wife Nati, having stocked up on drinks and different delicious food we set off. Nati was driving a car, Alan took some can and suggested drinking some cognac, my wife turned down his proposal at once; Nati was a driver, so I and Alan resolved to have some drops of that. Our babes warned us skittishly of forthcoming reckoning for this abstention and such a loose behavior. When, finally, we got to Stan’s we both had had one too many! An alcohol made our minds reel.

Mary met us at the gates and said that the steam bath was already ready, so guys should have gone first, and then it was girls’ turn to have it. After a while I, Stan and Alan left the bath, that turned to be very hot and full of steam, we entered the porch and settled comfortable on the armchairs talking sport, women, and politics. In an hour our wives joined us and set to doing a table with everything that was on the stock. The feats began, women kept winking at one another all the time and on Stan’s question “what was going on” they revealed a secret to us in a conspiratorial voice. They had conceived some naughty punishment on us all for the behavior of mine and Alan’s. Stan protested saying that there was no his fault at all, but Nati insisted on male’s solidarity, and that’s why he was supposed to suffer this just punishment. (more…)

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