Trial coition!

October 6th, 2007

That was a fabulous threesome, two men and one woman, but they were all pleasing each other, men’t butts were rammed and drilled and they enjoyed it!

It was juts new experiment when after having sex Eva and me decided to try something unusual, she suggested me putting female cloth on and fuck that way. She just brought some belongings (we had nearly the same bodily build) and set to dressing me up. I had to wear black panties, hardly covering my cock and balls, black stockings and high heeled shoes. Eva also made me dress white shirt and a mini skirt on top, next, she applied some make up and nail polish, penciled my eyebrows and eyelashes. I noticed that during this process she was smiling looking at me like a sculptor admiring his work. When she gone I moved up to the mirror and looked in. there was a nice petite babe looking at me, and I would never miss this chick somewhere outdoors, for example; the only drawback was her petite tits, of a very small size. I looked very fine! Very very fine!!! I even loved myself! Then, Eva called me back to the bed-room, I picked some snack and drink with me and came in, when I did, Eva was lying on the bed, she put on white top, lacy panties and white stockings with white high heeled shoes as well. The slow music was on, I poured some wine into glasses, we drank gazing on each other, her hand on my shoulder and mine – on her ass, we moved round in dancing, thought it was very difficult for me to handle this shoes.

I pulled her up to me and then we joined our lips in long hot kiss, growing into wild passion. I kissed her, her body, stroked her ass. Eva shoved her palm under my (her) panties and groping my cock, fondled its head with fingers. We went on kissing this way, her tongue continued examining my mouth, when her hand was absolutely busy with doing a violent hand job to me. I caressed her waist, hips, ass and stomach. Eva then stopped, pushed me onto the bed, I set my elbows on it and watched her lick my balls first, one by one, and her left hand reposed on my pecker, while right one stroked my thigh. After that she removed her panties, I spread my legs wide aside and she went on to loving my genitals, I turned on with every minute, Eva licked its head, sucked my balls, passed her tongue over dick’s length, jerked me off…

When my cock was erect and damn burning, Eva asked me to set in dog style. That was quite unusual for me, but I obeyed. She approached her mouth to my butthole, kissed it first. Then Eva got down to cleaning my ass with her tongue, she was doing it gently and very carefully, inch by inch her tongue penetrated me, licking me harder and harder. I sensed her tongue’s warmth, moving my ass towards her. On finishing licking my ass, she slid one finger in there, it was something amazing! I had never tried anything like that before; new feelings swept over me, all this time Eva didn’t forget jacking me off. After that she fit 2 fingers in my ass, and a few circular motions she removed her hand. I wanted some more and gave her pleading look. She smiled understandingly, and her hand reached out to a… dildo on the nightstand: I had even missed this detail of our privacy. It was 2 times lesser than my cock, but I was apprehensive of having my asshole broken with this toy. Eva sucked it for a while, applying enough saliva on it, pushed this dildo to my but and put it in. I cried out, but it slowly entered in there, hurting my anal muscles. Though set teeth I asked her go on and not stop. Thus, Eva began to fuck my ass with dildo, jacking me off at the same time.
I was on my fucking clouds! I moved and shook my ass, as for Eva, she kept on banging me increasing her speed time after time, ohh, what the hell, felt so fucking good….. Next, Eva settled her face under my cock without stopping doing my shaft. I watched at what was going and couldn’t believe my eyes, enjoying every inch of this toy that fucked me very well. She put her pussy to my face, it was completely wet, dripping fucking hole! I started licking and drinking love juice, it smelled subtle aroma of love that made my head swim. Pushing my tongue out, I fucked her cunt with it, flicking her clit with finger at the same time. She stopped fucking me, a dildo was sticking out of my ass; she stroked and nursed with her tits, nipples, and belly. I opened her legs wide, and pulled in; I moved both slowly and fast, banging her harder and harder. And then, after a while, breathing heavily and sticking her nails in my skin, she started and came, crying with happiness and bliss.

But I didn’t come and that’s why I put her legs on my shoulders and fucked her ass. Deeper and deeper, Eva was looking at me, and stroked my legs in stockings. You know, I had never felt something better than having my thighs caressed through the nylon. I found it a very fucking hot stuff to have fucked and fuck at the same time. I sensed dildo move in my ass with my every thrust and my excitement grew with every second. In the long run I came, my cum rushed out and splashed over her body and face. She caught flying clots of my sperm, and ate it. I rubbed my cum over her body, let her suck y shaft, and fell onto her, we kissed. Then Eva pulled dildo out of my ass, my but was burning and hurt badly. Now it ached really fucking damn, but pain would fade gradually.

There, suddenly, someone knocked the door. Eva said they might be wrong and went out to see who it was. I then heard the door opened and she let somebody come in. unwilling to be had over the barrel; I sat on the edge of the bed and adjusted my shirt. Eva came in with some guy, his name was Azamat. Eva said I was her girlfriend, and introduced him to me as her fucker. He was very handsome, this guy, I grinned and thought that if she was fucking with such a handsome man, so I was pretty handsome too! Eva kissed Azamat and settled him on the bed, we drank wine for new meeting, and then Eva said that Azamat had very interesting “Thing”, I sad I would like to see it, next, she lowered his pants and revealed his dick. It was quite of interesting form, petite head and fat thick socle, and very huge balls. I wanted to touch it and I did. I took his cock, watching it really sent. I removed the head’s skin and fondled his head. Eva smiled, caressing Azamat’s body and ass. I couldn’t tear my eyes away from this huge thing.

Azamat was a very hairy guy and I loved his hairy pecker. As for me, I took up jacking his shaft off; wanting to kiss it I approached my lips and took it in my mouth. At the same time, as a result, his veins swelled at once. After that I sucked on his penis, it was tasty. I started licking it all without pulling out, Azamat closed his eyes, enjoying my blowjob, Eva sat on her knees from behind, opened his ass and got down to licking his butthole. Meanwhile I was giving him deepthroat, stroking his balls with my hands, they were wonderful. Eva put her finger in his ass. He smiled.

Having enjoyed sucking this guy, I wanted to have my ass fucked, so I turned my ass to him. Azamat approached me; put his cock on my buttocks, and set to nursing my ass. I liked it, he then started slapping my ass with his cock, and my ass had been burning with unbearable desire to have this cock inside. He bent down to my ass, opened my holes and I felt his tongue entered slightly inside, so fucking good it was! After applying much saliva onto it, he put his shaft in there: a wave of delight swept over me that was like a volcanic eruption! His cock was so fucking hot and aggressive, male’s cock! I was feeling myself like a bitch, like a slut getting fucked by this stud! His hand lowered down and he groped my… cock. Fro second he seemed like if he was perplexed, but the fact I was not a girl just turned on him, he took up jerking me off with his palm, my breath stopped. Azamat seemed as if enjoying this scenario, at this moment Eva approached him from behind and slid that dildo into his ass. Then, after 20 minutes of this hardcore dance, she stopped us, settled on her knees right before me and made my cock fuck her pussy while Azamat was screwing my ass. So, we went on fucking just another way, like a small train…

In a while we decided to change this position. Now Azamat was sitting on the bed’s edge whereas I was fucking his mouth grasping his head with my hands. As for Eva, she got to giving blowjob to him between his legs. Having hot enough from this position, I impaled myself onto Azamat’s shaft and Eva settled her pussy on his face. The bang was awesome; it lasted for about next 10 minutes; after that another Eva offered another position. Azamat was fucking Eva, who was sucking on my pecker at the same time. Then I rose and pulled in Azamat’s anus. It’d been my first time when I had a male + male fucking! It was so tight and fucking hot n there! Azamat went on licking Eva’s pussy while I was doing my job, his cock was hanging down his perineum. We all moaned and groaned, both Eva and Azamat took turns fucking my ass, then I was performing this task to them both, and this wild orgy continued and no end was supposed to come.
After that Azamat lay down the bed, Eva impaled on him and his cock slid in her pussy, I approached from in front and pushed my shaft in her pussy as well. It resisted a bit first, but then gave in and soon we both fucked Eva in 2 cocks in one hole! Frictions soon made Azamat come and his sperm pour of her hole, dripping down my legs. From the warmth that filled her inner space Eva set to cumming too, her starting and convulsing body shook with pleasure. I came last; I took my cock and shoved it in Azamat’s mouth. He sucked it for a few seconds and then I shot a load in his mouth. A torrent of cum filed it, then he let Eva take a bit of it. She caught my dick and drained my balls hard. We all were happy. That was the best final I could imagine. At the time we wanted to have rest, someone knocked the door again. Eva looked at us with guilty look and said it was Sharon out doors. We smiled and she ran away to open the door.

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