A married couple invite their friend wishing to widen their sex horizons, a threesome is always better when people are bi-curious…

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Here it goes. I’m Alex, a good tempered short haired good looking guy! My story! It’s about me, my best friend and his wife. I have a friend who is married. He’s been married for 5 years, 5 long years. His wife always looked like a real bitch, and I have often fantasized fucking her in her tight ass. She got an instant dislike from the very first moment we met, my friend was desperate, he wanted me and his wife to become great friends, but in vain. I didn’t want to spoil his life with this woman, as I knew he loved this bitch! And she knew it of course! Anyway, I have always noticed some sluttish lust in her eyes and idea of fucking this slut wouldn’t leave my mind at all. So, events occurring next astonished me a lot! But let’s get back to main story and go through it with details.

Once upon a time I was very surprised to get a call from her for usually we don’t talk if it doesn’t concern my friend. She asked if I could come over as she needed some help and Andrew was at work. Actually I wasn’t doing anything at the time anyway and I had some spare time. Moreover, I didn’t want this woman tell my friend that I refused help her when she was in need. One more thing was that I might get a look at her ass without her noticing. When I arrived I rang their doorbell and she opened the door wearing only her bathrobe. She looked rather exciting in his bathrobe with wet hair locks and fresh skin. She said she just had finished her shower and let me come in. Straight away I asked her what she needed and she said to come on in. I went upstairs and she followed.

She asked if I wanted anything to drink before she showed me what she needed. I just said to get me a drink of water. She went into the kitchen and I sat down on the couch that faced away from the kitchen. She then surprised me by returning. She was taking my drink dressed only in a see through summer dress at hardly covered anything. It almost took my breath away when I saw her: all details of her sweet body were seen. I think she knew it and noticed my reaction. She had small nice perky tits and a nice dark hairy pussy. But I could swear her pussy was neat trimmed. On giving me my drink she gave a slow turn so I could see her tight ass. Then she said that I should stand to let her sit on the couch facing me. I was still very shocked but did what she told. Then she started unzipping my fly. Stop! What the fuck! I wanted to fuck this bitch, yeahh, but not this day! I took her hand and said:

“What about Andrew?” She said:
“What’s up with him?”

He was a friend of mine and she didn’t like me, so it was a proper way to screw up out friendship by fucking with me! He would never leave her because he loved this bitch! She manipulated this fact the way she liked. She said that no one would ever learn about it, and then she got back to unzipping my jeans.

By this time my cock was starting to get harder and I felt very uncomfortable because it did not fit in my pants. She managed to get my pants off and my underwear down. My cock sprung out and smacked her on the cheek. She laughed and grabbed my hard shaft and sucked my whole cock into her mouth immediately. It felt so fucking good! I was really getting close to heaven when suddenly there appeared my friend Andrew and cried: “What the hell is going on here?” I almost ripped my cock off pulling out of her mouth. Then, something very strange happened! They both started to laugh and Andrew explained that they were pulling my legand that this was his idea. “What the fuck?” I stammered. He explained that they had been fantasizing about some threesome with them and another male friend. He also said that I became their mutual choice! I didn’t know what to say. I just stood there with my semi hard cock dangling right before Sarah’s face! At this moment he suddenly started taking off his clothes as well. She took my semi hard cock back into her mouth and continued sucking me once again.

I watched her suck on my cock as well as watching Andrew getting out of his clothes. When his cock came to my view he was obviously hard on!

“What do you plan to do with that?” I asked.

He approached closer to his wife and stuck into her face as well! She then managed to get 2 cocks both in her mouth. This was the first time I had my cock touching another cock and here we were rubbing together inside of her mouth. It was like heaven, I was on my clouds. I knew it was sort of pervert but I couldn’t do anything with it. I wanted to do anything, so I just reached behind Andrew and grabbed his balls to squeeze them gently. He started at first, but then started moaning. I looked at him and asked if he liked it and he said that it was great and asked me what else I would like to try. From now thing started getting very pervert, Sarah sat back and suggested that present a show for her to prove that we were worth fucking her. Fucking slut: flitted across my mind! You are a dirty slut!

“What kind of show” I asked
“Surprise me!” was her answer
“What if we don’t?”

She said that if we wanted to fuck her we would do what she said. At this point I really wanted to drill this whore’s brain away, so I turned to Andrew and asked:

“Do you have any idea what she means?”
“Oh, didn’t you understand?” he asked playfully

Without further words Andrew then reached down to take my hard cock and started stroking it. Then he applied some of his wife’s lube on my pecker! I started realizing what was going on. It was obvious that I was focus of interest for this bicurious couple and they wanted to get more of me! I didn’t know how to behave, protest or just relax and just let things go on…. Anyway, I was already here and it would be very stupid to give up now! Then I just tried to relax and have fun. God, it felt so good, his hand job drove me mad! I decided to return the favor and took his rod. You know, it felt very dirty to grab another male’s cock in one’s hand!

I squeezed his wang and started stroking it gently and softly, as a result it grew stronger and harder. I watched is purple head slide in and out of my hand. Andrew was flicking her wet pussy watching her husband and I jack each other off. My next reaction was to get on my knees in front of Andrew and lick the head of his cock. His shaft was oozing some precum and I got a taste of this sweet juice! It was really good! I never tasted male’s pre cum before but now I knew what females feel when they eat cum. I took his cock into my mouth as much as I could and started sucking him off. He couldn’t believe what was happening; here was his best friend sucking on his hard cock. I looked up at him and pulled his cock out of my mouth.

“Don’t you dare cum in my mouth, OK! You’d better warn me if you start cumming!” I said. At this moment Sarah moaned that she needed a cock in her pussy now.

I stopped sucking his cock and he lay down on the floor. His wife Sarah bent over and got into a 69 position. I could see my best friend’s face peeking out from between 2 marvelous ass cheeks! I got into position behind her and grabbed her ass. Andrew took my cock and guided it into his wife’s pussy. I started fucking his slut wife immediately with my balls slapping her clit. I could also feel his tongue protruding out so that he was trying to lick my balls slapping his nose as well. I could see her eating his rod vehemently! He pulled my cock out of her and took it into his mouth; he sucked it with all passion! It felt so good I really wanted to cum but I knew that wouldn’t be fair! Then I stopped him. I asked them where I should cum because I really needed to release my balls. Sarah said she wanted my cum inside, and asked her husband to fuck her after I finish with my cum in her. So she lied down on the floor and spread her legs. I climbed on top of her and slid my hard cock into her tight pussy fucking her furiously. Andrew held my balls and stroked my ass gently.

She was cumming like some wild bitch dog her pussy was soaked. I looked into Andrew’s eyes and confessed I was ready to cum in his wife’s pussy. She grabbed my ass and pulled me towards her deep. It made me pump a load of cum into her pussy and collapsed on her. After we recovered breath I rolled off of her. Her wet fucking cunt opened to our eyes. There was cum dripping out of her pussy. Andrew took his turn, scooped my cum back into her puss with his cock. That looked as if we were on some porn movie action. After that he slid his cock into her and my sperm squished out around his shaft. It was awesome watching his cock pump my cum in her cunt. She looked at me with eyes full of lust and said:

“When he starts cumming I want you to jerk him off so he cums all over me! I want his load all over my face!

He fucked her for a few minutes and before long said that he was gonna cum. He pulled out of her with a jerk, within a second I rushed to him and took his hard shaft! Then I began to drain his balls pumping his cum out. His wife slid under his cock with a mouth open wide. I jacked him off 3 or 4 times and he started cumming. His sperm shot out dropped right onto Sarah’s face contorted with lewdness. She caught drops of his sperm flying out of his cock and rubbed them all over her face. I continued jerking him off until he was done. Then his wife licked his cum off of my hand. In the end of this session we all moved to the shower. We were all covered with cum, so in the shower cab rubbed and cleaned each other’s bodies. While washing up I started getting hard on once again and Andrew noticed it.

He fell on his knees before me and took my cock into his mouth once again. Sarah said that she wanted to watch me cum in his mouth. I grabbed his head and started fucking his mouth. Sarah took my face with her hands and started to kiss passionately! That continued for about 10 minutes when I felt my brain boil ready to explode a load of cum! I thrust my finger into her cunt flicking it vehemently, and then told Andrew that I was gonna cum. He grabbed my ass and balls and I shot my whole load into his throat. After a few minutes, with face covered with my cum he pulled my cock out of his mouth and told me to help him release his own cum.

I grabbed his wang and took up stroking it thoroughly! I said that I didn’t want to give him head but I allowed him to cum all over my face. So I stroked him up and down for a few minutes and soon his eyes told me he was on the verge. He slid it out of my hands and his cum began to flood out of his cock onto my face. I opened my mouth and got some of his cum drops. His cum tasted so fucking good! When he was done Sarah leant over and licked his cum off of my face. I rose and up we helped each other washing up. We left all remains of our orgy in the shower, dried off and got out cloths on. I promised to return again to fuck them and let them fuck me. My balls had never felt so drained before.

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8 Responses to “My friend and his sluttish wife!”

  1. Dave Says:

    Fucking perverted bastards, how can you let others fuck your wife in front of you?

  2. George Says:

    Dave – don’t knock it until you’ve tried it. Its a great way to go. The best of both worlds. Been there, done that, so I can preach!

  3. Dave Says:

    Well, I would think about it if the person fucking my wife would let me fuck his wife, we could have a nice foursome, but I don’t wanna sit still watching some bastard fucking my wife. My philosophy is: you wanna fuck my wife, let me fuck your wife and cum all over her face. It’s only this.

  4. mike Says:

    If ou are so agaist it Dave why are you here readig about it? LOL! You must have some desire for it!

  5. lindasmom Says:

    prettygood but i needed more

  6. tex Says:

    That was hot I would let my wife get fucked like that we need an andrew.

  7. m Says:

    great freinds mm good!

  8. Anonymous Says:

    too fake

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