My first bi experience!

April 2nd, 2008

A guy is ready to share his wife with his best friend, moreover he is ready to share his ass and get his ass in return…

Today is Monday and it is my day off. I was left home alone as my wife Olivia went off early in the morning to her work. Now I’m left wondering how I should spend my hours before she gets home. Then I decided to see some movie. I love watching our hardcore XXX vids, so I stuck one CD in the DVD. On the screen I could see 2 guys playing with themselves, one was really going to go far in pleasure: sucking his own cock deep into his mouth and I really wished I could do just that. I’d love to suck a hard cock like that; I was rubbing the head of my cock through my jeans when I heard the front door bell. Hell! Someone must have come in!

I grabbed the remote as I heard the front door open. Movie was making out loud sounds of pleasure when I heard a voice crying: “Hey Andrew! Are you home?” Who was this guy? I didn’t recognize his voice! Anyway, I just jumped up to see who the hell was coming in my house through the front door.

To my surprise there was Alexander, a guy who works with my wife. He is a horny bisexual who always tells my wife various stories about his sexual adventures. Olivia and I both get off on his stories which always start the same way: with 2 guys sucking each other before fucking up madly. Olivia had told Alexander that we had a new DVD player and suggested that Alexander come to see me home and as I had the day off. Well, I didn’t mind to have Alexander in my house, he was not a bad guy, he was a bi, sure but thing were really OK with him. He was communicative, a good listener and very talkative.

So, I let him come in and offered some drink. He said OK. While I was out Alexander approached the DVD recorder, put the CD on with a film I had just started watching. He smiled when he saw the action and said:

“Wow, this must have been what I heard as I came in! How are you doing, Andrew! Glad to see you, man! But it sounded like you were gonna have fun, huh? It sounded so real”. When I gave him a glass he added:

“You really need your speakers sound too loud? This level is really OK!”

“Oh yeah, was my reply – I love the sound of a great fuck session – love to hear everything”.

I also admitted enjoying porn a lot and that he was welcome to join us anytime. Alexander told me that Olivia had already told him about our small collection of vids. He also asked me if he could bring his video cam next time he to take some real pics. I said if it doesn’t hurt Olivia: all right! What Olivia didn’t tell him was that she had her own private bisexual vids that she loved to watch privately. I found these video CDs when I was once at home alone. These vids consisted of gay and lesbian sessions with 2 guys and a girl involved in a pretty hardcore sexual session. This porn was played a lot, and I knew my Olivia always fantasized about having such stuff with 2 guys.

Alexander said that he had his own porn in a car. Just in any case. I wouldn’t realize why he got discs of such content in his car, but it was his business. Alexander said that his DVD was of Brazzers production with Luscious Lopez and Angelina Valentine staring. A HD porn film he said. I knew these sluts, I loved watching them getting fucked! Alexander said:

“Give me about 30 seconds”. He rushed back in laughing, “I knew I had one in the car somewhere”.

Alexander put the DVD in and hit play. I didn’t see at first what it was like, but stereo let out the moans coming from the speakers. Moans of pleasure. Wow, it was porn and very similar to what I was watching when he came! The system sounded real good – the quality of DVD movie was really great, hi-res session! It was very nice to sit comfortable before the screen watching hardcore action! The film came out with a petite Angelina riding a black guy’s hard rod! The whole film was divided into several shorter movie sessions with various porn models but the major attention was drawn to aforementioned stars. It was like she was moving very rhythmically and smoothly! Riding that cock looked very great!

My first impression was that Alexander was normal; he does watch normal porn and even enjoyed it! I even thought my wife would be mistaken about this guy calling him bi! While sitting the sofa and enjoying movie, drinking beer and eating pizza I suddenly noticed that porn he brought involved 2 guys and one chick in session! Damn! It was getting hot! A sudden idea struck my mind! What the fuck! This motherfucker was gonna fuck my wife?! I wanted to be in a threesome, what a deal, no need to keep it a secret and Olivia knew it, but Alexander!!! Well I thought Olivia was the only person who knew my secret! Or someone else knew it as well?

I was getting pretty horny sitting there and watching this cute babe getting fucked by a stud. Then one man crawled onto the bed beside them and started licking the first guy’s balls and his hot cock as it fucked her pussy. Bisexual porn! What the hell! But now I have to confess that movie was pretty hot and I could feel my cock stirring in my pants. I looked over at Alexander, his hand was inside his trousers playing with what seemed to be his big wang. It was growing as he watched the scene on the screen and the delightful noises coming from the speakers were turning us both. Alexander smiled at me, as he noticed me watching him play with his dick. There on the screen amazing threesome was taking place, both, man and woman were licking and sucking while they took turns to deep throat a hard black cock.

I was wondering if Alexander knew how turned on I was by this film! Though my Olivia had her own fantasy of being fucked by 2 guys, I’d always wondered what it would be like to suck a guy’s cock deep into my mouth, tasting his pre-cum. I was getting excited and it happened quite unexpectedly when both of us, me and Alexander unzipped our trousers and got our hard cocks out! It happened simultaneously without asking any permission or if either of us minded. I glanced over to see how hard he was and blushed instantly. Alexander got a cock about 8 inches length, and I could see the pre-cum on its head.

Alexander caught me looking over at him and smiled. I didn’t say anything, I just got up and moved over closer to him so I could touch his penis! Fuck! I was horny and I needed to know what was like to feel another man! In the depths of my mind I knew that Olivia wanted to be here too.

Alexander asked me if I had ever been with another man before, I told him no, but I would really love to be. I reached over and touched his cock. I could feel the warmth rising up when I wrapped my palm around the shaft. It felt smooth and soft to touch but hard and ready for some hardcore action. While I was playing with his cock, Alexander told me that Olivia had already told him of her fantasy. He also said that she knew that I had been watching her bisexual videos so if this was the right time to let my dreams come true, so then I wouldn’t miss this chance! I looked at Alexander and then looked back down at his cock: it looked inviting! So I leant over and kissed the head. I got to taste his pre-cum and it tasted so good! I slowly moved my mouth so that it was over the head of his cock and closed my lips around it. Alexander moaned when I licked the head and tasted more of his juices.

Just at the moment when I was about to take more of his wang in my mouth, there suddenly appeared my wife, Olivia, with a smile on her face. I was caught, I think, I a very horny position, with another male’s cock in my mouth! I looked up at her and was about to move away from Alexander, but she told me to continue doing my blow job. She wanted to see me with another guy as well…

She settled near us, in her fav chair, I looked at her and she just smiled when I took all of Alexander’s cock deep into my throat. Alexander reached over and grabbed my cock through my pants! With his dick in my throat I moaned. He asked me to lick his haft and squeezed my cock again… I moaned again because I didn’t want to take my mouth of his warm thick cock. I could hear Olivia breathing heavily as I sucked on his shaft. Then she suddenly stood up and said:

“Let’s move to the bedroom, I want to see Alexander suck your cock too and I want to play with the both of you”.

Alexander and I got up and headed into the bedroom. Alexander stripped off, both Olivia and I looked at his completely shaven body hungrily. His entire body was clean shaved, not a single hair was seen except only his head and eyebrows. Alexander told me and Olivia to lie on the bed with her head at my feet next to each other. Alexander straddled Olivia’s face so that she could suck his hard cock. I watched Olivia suck his cock deep into her mouth like I had been doing a moment ago. Alexander then ran his hands over my body, he played gently with my balls. Then he got down to playing with my cock: he rubbed it between his fingers gently and pumped it slowly. He worked on my penis until a drop of pre cum appeared on its head! Alexander leaned over and took the whole of my cock into his warm mouth.

My first thought was not to cum so fast…. I knew he wouldn’t let me come quickly because he knew that we all wanted this to last as long as possible. As he sucked my cock, his fingers were playing with my tight ass. I didn’t want he would slip his hard cock in before I had my tight arse worked up by something not huge, like finger, for example. Olivia always loved tickling my ass with her fingers.

Alexander removed his cock from Olivia’s mouth and told her to move up onto the bed so that I could lick her pussy while he played with me from behind. I got up in a dog style and moved between her legs. Olivia’s pussy was so sweet, her juices tasted like honey. I was very horny and I wanted to try everything.

Alexander found the lube in the bathroom; he stood behind me and played with my hard cock. My rod grew more and more as he was playing with me. He nursed my ass, slipping his finger deep inside while I was licking Olivia’s pussy. His job made me moan loudly. It felt so good to have my ass played by such a horny fucking nasty boy!

He urged me to get between Olivia’s legs, with her legs over my shoulders and my ass was exposed… I pushed my cock deep into her pussy… then I felt Alexander behind me. He pressed his cock to my tight hole asking me to relax. Then he pushed the head of his cock into my virgin ass. I slid in Olivia easily, as her cunt was wet. It felt very heavenly inside of my sluttish wife while Alexander pushed deeper until his entire penis got buried deep in my ass. I could feel what a monster his rod was indeed!

I was fucking Olivia’s pussy when Alexander was pumping his cock into my ass. We moved together as one organism. Olivia screamed out that she was cumming when I released my load right inside of her. Filling her cunt with my hot juice took me high to the clouds of pleasure! At the very last second of my euphoria I felt Alexander’s shaft pumping hard. It was signal for me that he was about to cum! At the next jiff he pulled his cock out of my ass, removed the condom he had put on before fucking me… and shot his hot cum all over my face!

He stood before us both, we were kneeling in front of his huge shaft and he was dropping his load right on our faces, contorted with lust! Opening my mouth wide I tried to catch all of his clots flying out of his rod. White and thick, it flew out and dropped all over my face, my wife was standing on her knees next to me licking the clots from my cheeks. From this moment I knew that next time I would take his ass…

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6 Responses to “My first bi experience!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    wow! I’m squirming and dripping myself. I was fucked hard by my husband this morning and I can’t wait for him to get home so I can ride him again after reading this. I love it in the ass. don’t forget to try both of you in your wife soon. That’s what I like best. We just added a 3rd guy so while I’m pumping one in my pussy and one in my ass, My husb has one in him too. we love it. keep it up

  2. loverboy Says:

    i love fucking in the ass i,d like to fell a dick in my ass whitout a condom i want to fell the hot cum shooting in my ass

  3. Mark Says:

    Great story – wish i had been there. Would love to have sucked ur dick.

  4. hardknox55 Says:

    Well Alexaner, you sure like to fantasize about yourself! Seems like that name is included in nearly every story. Does us a favor, and improve your handle on the English language!

  5. hardknox55 Says:

    Do. Sorry about that!

  6. love not war Says:

    that was amazing i would love that minus the dick in my ass but i have no idea how to tell my gf or trust any guy enough for that ii mean the guys i trust are pure straight men and wouldnt blow me

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