Anal party

March 12th, 2008

The gangbang is not complete if you are not entirely open with your partners, when you let both men and women enjoy you, that’s the time when you feel the real bliss. Read about this guy’s experience and wish the same for yourself!

One of my close buddies has found out that I like checking out guy’s dicks. His name is Nick. He didn’t know though that I have weakness for anal sex. We were taking shower in the gym after an intense work out. He told me I was acting like a fag staring at everyone’s penis. I made a joke about it and turned away cause I had an erection from seeing his dick and hearing his voice. I turned red. Later that night we were at the bar and he said “how about I tell you all about me fucking with my wife and you tell me about your stuff.” He said he would keep it a secret. I agreed and was thinking he wasn’t kidding and won’t tell anyone especially if he tells me about him and his wife. That was the deal.

He said lets have a night-cab over at my house. He turned on dvd player. (Let me go further and tell you about his wife. She is stunning, her body is perfect!) He took off his pants and pressed play. He lied down on the bed. I was watching the dvd and guess what it was! It was a homemade video of him and his hot wife Amy.

There was this other guy sitting in their living room and Nick’s wife came in and started doing a lap dance! She slowly got naked. She took off his pants while her husband – my friend- was filming it! She bent down to take out his dick and started licking the dick head. That way her ass was sticking out showing the best she got in there.

The other guy looked at Nick who just shrugged his shoulders. He said “No Comment.” Nick took his dick and said “I like to watch.”

Nick laughed and said I could jerk as well if I liked. It started buzzing in my anal and that moment I wanted to suck his dick so bad! I didn’t know how to offer him a blow job so I simply lied down next to him. I thought it was good enough to start with. I took out my dick and jerked it slowly to extend the pleasure. My eyes went back to the screen.

His wife was standing on her knees sucking Nick’s dick and at the same time the other guy was banging her from the back. They did it both ways. One fucked her ass and another one her pussy. I also couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw both guys fucking her pussy at the same time! I never thought it was possible for two dicks to enter one vagina at the same time.

My friend was lying and kept on jacking off. He went on slowly and was looking at my face. I saw that and imagined myself getting fucked by him. I didn’t care what he would think I lost control over my body. I enthusiastically began to fidget on the bed. I caressed my own ass with my left and masturbated with my right. I took some precum on my finger and inserted my finger inside my ass as I watched the movie with all the sighs and moans Nick’s wife was making. He asked me if I wanted to stop for a bit and go for a smoke.

And so we went to the kitchen and he asked me if I liked his wife. I told him it was a silly question. Of course she’s hot! He said “If you want I can set up a threesome for us. But first, tell me more about you… so that I am confident in my decision. I told him I could show him a few things and we went to the bedroom.

I lied down but Nick sat down in the squatting position. We both were naked. I rolled up and started sucking my own cock. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He lied down and jerked. I went on. I pushed up my butt and moved my balls. I licked my anal and soon it got really wet from my own spit. I love pecking myself in there. It went along with sighs and shudders of my body. He was starring at me and that was making him squeeze his dick and jerk really fast. Soon he was shaking off his dick head to get rid of cum leftovers.

I asked him if this was convincing enough for keeping it secret, he said it was amazing and he hasn’t seen anything like this. Though, he said it was a bit freaky. He lied down next to me catching breath after he shot a big load.

I didn’t know how to ask him. I mean after becoming this close and sharing our secrets I wanted him to fuck me or at least let me give him a blow job. I was fingering my ass and was imagining it was him. I was going crazy but tried to look calm as much as I could. In the end I finally told him that if he wanted I could give him a hand job. I didn’t wait for him to give me an answer and took his dick in my hand. I started moving my hand up and down and we both looked at the screen.

Can you imagine, he was fucking that guy while that guy was fucking his wife?! Little by little my hand slipped down on his ass. Oh, finally I felt it. I went down to his cock and took it into my mouth. Right away I felt him making upward movements. I asked him if he liked the way I was doing it and he said yes.

In a few weeks it was already me, him and his wife fucking by their pool. We fucked the shit out of his wife. All kinds of positions and places, even in their kitchen. I told them I had a friend with a huge dick and that we could call him up as well just for the spiced up extreme action. They were totally in and we set up the date.

We decided to have our great gang-bag over at their house. I invited one girl that I know to come along with me. Unlike my wife she’s sexy and likes experimenting new things in bed. She is 20 and looks amazing and fresh! Sometimes when I fuck her I have to control her cause she goes wild and looses her consciousness. She’s a dirty lil whore and has all kinds of sex-toys.

When we arrived nick was totally amazed by her stunning looks and I was happy that Nick would get his “piece” of new flesh. Guys like it, you know. We had some wine and went down to their basement. There was a huge carpet and a few pillows on it.

Nick’s hussy was the prime mover and she started off by sucking his dick. My girl Stacy slowly took off her dress and curved down to unzip my pants. She stuck out her huge ass and got down on her knees. Slowly but surely she licked and sucked my balls. During the whole time both of us were looking at the other couple doing the 69.

They guy with a huge dick was left on his own and I told Stacy to work on him. I knew after that guy would get going the entire gang would be going wild in orgy.

When I told Stacy he had a huge dick she was like fine, but I think she thought I was exaggerating. Finally, when he took off his boxers everyone stopped. He took it in his hand and everyone was shocked by the actual size of the huge fucking dick. My body shuddered and my girlfriend asked him if she could take it in her hands and play with him.

And there it was. Everyone started fucking anyone who was next to them. My friend with a huge dick fucked both of our girls while I was sucking out Nick. And after the huge guy cum inside Nick’s wife my girl Stacy came up to me and put me lying on my back. She sat down on my face and started rubbing her wet smacking pussy all over my mouth. I felt someone pulling up my legs and moving one, then two fingers inside my ass. I liked it so much I started making upward moves trying to enjoy the anal warm up. And guess who that was. It was Nick. He slowly took his dick and I started moaning. He was teasing my ass and asked me if I really-really wanted it. While that Stacy moved higher up and gave me her beautiful chocolate starfish. I licked it and tried to push my tongue inside her.

When Nick’s dick was half way in I was so hard I felt I would cum soon. He got out and said he wanted me to sit down on his dick. That moment Nick and his wife, Amy, stopped kissing and looked at us. Everyone was so into my ass slowly sitting itself on his huge sausage. Amy crawled up to us and took that huge dick in her hand. She started inserting it inside and asked me if it hurt over and over again.

She was licking and controlling the pace of that guy’s dick going inside my anal while my Stacy was still sitting on my face. Nick couldn’t take it anymore and grabbed his wife’s hips. He started doing Amy from the back and that was awesome cause Amy started kissing and licking my butt.

She said she wanted to have that guy doing her in her ass and asked Nick to warm up the hole with a dildo. Whilst that, huge dick head was going inside me… That was painful. Lubricant, spit and my huge friend’s precum made it smooth and sweet. My babe was still riding my face and I could feel her warm delicious nectar running all over my face.

After a few pushes and all the nasty thoughts that went through my head I screamed and came. I went limp and my starfish squeezed that dick so tight. I felt him pulsing and that gave me an additional long lasting pleasure. Let me tell you his fat dick is as wide as a coke bottle. It felt like I was getting fucked by a horse. I got up and went to the bathroom to clean up my ass full of sperm. My walk was so pathetic and I felt like my ass was ripped. But, you know, I didn’t care for the pain.

Nick has also shot inside his wife and went out for a smoke. When I got back from the shower my girl Stacy was already enjoying his dick deep in her throat. She’s a blow-job-pro!

I went to the kitchen to get a drink and let my poor ass rest for the potential upcoming fuck. When I went back to the orgy-hall I was fucking amazed by what I saw. Our ladies were lying in the 69 licking each other’s clits. Two guys Nick and the huge one were banging them from both sides. Nick was fucking my girl and his wife was enjoying our giant.

I went down on the giant and touched his ass. He grabbed my hair and said he liked it. I went further down and started licking and sucking his balls. Those balls seemed to be so big and could probably fill all of us with his sperm. Slowly I was inserting my finger inside his ass. I took lubricant and two or three fingers easily went inside him. His pushes inside Amy were making him meet my fingers as he moved out of her. Soon he started breathing hard and finally filled her up with a loud roar. He grabbed her ass and lied down. Only then I took out my fingers.

By midnight we all got belligerently drunk and watched hardcore porn movies. So many guys and girls fucking on the screen were making us get on each other over and over again. What a heavy copulation!

My girl Stacy was keeping her ass for her fiancé as she said but that night she couldn’t resist and wanted to have giant butt-fuck her. She didn’t want to miss the opportunity. I must mention that night everyone, even Nick got to have him inside.

There were many positions but I offered an idea that got everyone super excited. Giant had to lie down on his back and girls were supposed to take turns in sitting down on him. Anal only. I and Nick were supposed to lick them while they go down as much as they wanted. That way they could control how deep they wanted him to be in their anal. Having their pussies licked was a sort of stimulation for them to get lower. Nick also got to the giant’s balls when he was licking my Stacy. When Amy, she was second, sat on top of him I licked her pussy but not as much as I sucked on the guy’s dick.

He liked it so much that even nowadays we secretly meet at his house and do all kinds of dirty things. Finally, when everyone was pleased it was my turn. I openly said I would like to have Nick’s dick in my mouth and the giant one fucking me from me back.

Oh, it felt nice. Poor girls were like “what are we here for?” and started making out and using dildos to satisfy each other’s lust.

I was so happy lying on the bed… my mouth and my anal were both covered in sperm. That night I had the highest level of orgasm.

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