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I’m sitting in my chair drinking whisky and thinking of good old days when we were young and horny. It was time when I was horny as hell all days and nights and I and my friends were whistling for the wind of fucking some chick. It happened 4 years ago, though I cannot forget this girl yet. Now she is married, she has got a family, a nice job and everything to be happy with. She has always been a nice person, very sexy and beautiful at that. When I first met her, I thought she was a head of College literary society. She was clever, a very clever student.

We studied at the same college. She was a tall, hot, sun tanned sensual big boobs girl. She had long hair and high hips. And sure the ass, I would love to fuck! She was really exciting; especially her round ass was something you never forget!

Samantha was always considered to be my friend. She was a welcome and familiar individual whereas nobody knew me around, and hardly any student could tell my name. At the time it occurred she was fallen in love with some guy, who paid no attention at her, and we sued to spend many nights with her complaining of her feelings to me.

One night I was lying on the couch, listening to her never ending complains again. By that moment I was attending English Literature courses, and now I had a pile of books in front of me, with my on eye on Samantha and the other – on the book. I was about to pass exams on the subject just in a few days, so I needed some time to prepare for them. But it was not easy with Samantha telling me stories about the guy she loved. That started to bore me soon. Thus, I raised myself on elbows and said:

“How about having some drink? I’ll be in a minute! Shall I take anything with me?” She reacted immediately saying:

“Anything you want”

I thought my quiet night was expected to be disturbed, so why the hell not to have some good drink.
About 10 minutes I cooked a few sandwiches with sweet Malaga drink in glasses. We had a night snack and I believe that just helped Samantha to ease her pain. It was getting too late and dark, and I started thinking of asking her to stay at mine.

“Stay here tonight! It’s getting too late outdoors.” I said to her. It was late, I hadn’t money for a taxi at all, didn’t even want to see her home. She stayed. Without any implication I prepared a bed for 2 of us. Samantha went to the bathroom to wash up, I turned the music on, lay on the bed and waited for her to appear. She came out to the room wearing only my T short, which hardly covered her shaved pussy and hid the erect nipples.

Then later that night we had sex. Hot, violent, passionate and vehement! We enjoyed fucking, like 2 mad rabbits fucking in spring! Like a desert missing the rain! We fucked in different positions, engaged in some furious session I ever had before!

Samantha appeared to be exceptionally horny. It was toward the morning when I, tired and exhausted, couldn’t cum and release my shots in process if wild fucking. The drink muzzled my mind, my long red wet throbbing cock slid into Samantha’s wet squelching cunt, out sweated bodies sparkled and I couldn’t cum! My throbbing cock demanded a release, I needed that badly! I wanted to cum!

“It won’t work! Hold on!” she said and rushed into the bathroom, then she returned fetching some gel. She oiled it onto my cock totally, oiled her ass, sat up in a doggy style poking out her ass to me, slapped one buttock and said: “Fuck my ass!” I had seen the anal sex only in porn!

I slid my dick in her butt hole slowly and carefully, apparently that was not a big deal for her, the gel did its work and the cock fit inside completely. The feeling of warm and squeezing differed form that of the pussy’s and then, encouraged by Samantha’s moans I set to fucking her backdoors.

I rammed her anus violently, thrusting my cock deep inside. Then I lay on my back, she settled onto my dick and we went on fucking while she flicked her clit with one hand. Samantha slapped her pussy, playing with her swollen clit, and slid her fingers into the pussy, spreading aromatic love juice around her crotch. I kissed these fingers, licked this sweet juice, Samantha moaned and roared like a whore!

And I came! I came right in her, my body twisted with a hard orgasm, we both cried, slapping her ass. I pressed myself to her! I was on my clouds. It was so good that I wouldn’t remember another sex like that in my life. We had been dating long since that day, fucking whether on my bed or on the bench in the dark city park.

Now she is married and happy.

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