Sunday night’s surprise!

October 3rd, 2008

It’s hard for a guy to spend lonely nights when his girlfriend is away, it’s even harder to resist when another chick is offering him her gorgeous ass…

Mathew and Albert had shared an apartment for about a year, they studied in a college and were the best friends. However, as it always happens, they both had absolutely different personalities. While Mathew was shy, conservative and faithful to his long-term girlfriend Sabrina, Albert was quite different, he was talkative, very noisy, and he never dated one chick more than 2 times, because every week he would find a new girl. Mathew and Albert had an agreement on the apartment to keep the house in order and not to violate each other’s privacy. So, they agreed that the week from Wednesday to Saturday nights it was Mathew’s time. It meant that Albert had to go out for these days and Mathew had the apartment to himself, where he usually spent time with Sabrina. From Sunday to Tuesday nights it was Albert’s turn, and all this time he would spend with ladies he picked up. Sometimes, when Mathew came home early, he could hear another lady screaming with pleasure with Albert. This agreement suited Mathew just fine, Albert also considered such schedule as perfect and none of them had any troubles about that.

Such sequence lasted until Sabrina announced she had to go away for a few days on a business trip; Mathew didn’t mind she was absent on Saturday but he had no idea what he was going to do on Sunday, when it was day off for the half of the city and it was Albert’s night. He explained this to Albert and Albert didn’t mind Mathew stopping in the apartment just this once, but he warned Mathew that this was his night, so he’d better not protest if something goes on. Mathew agreed for 2 reasons, first – he had no choice and the second – it was all Albert’s night so he could not really object.

Finally Sunday came and Sabrina was away in New York on her business trip. Mathew was missing her very much, he spent most of Saturday day watching TV shows. He was bored to death and couldn’t find the way to occupy himself. Before leaving, Sabrina told him not to masturbate until she came back. She was going to arrive on Tuesday, and he was thinking of ways to hold on until then. He thought that he could have fun with some girl, but anyway, he tried his best and didn’t do anything on Friday or Saturday. Although he wanted relief especially after spending some time watching porn on DVD.

It was 8 pm and Mathew was watching TV in the living room when suddenly Albert came in with bed covers. He laid them down on the ground and across the sofa. Before Mathew could ask what was going on Albert disappeared again. A few minutes later Albert came back with a box and put it on the floor. “What the hell is going on, Albert!” Mathew asked puzzled.

“I am having an orgy” Albert laughed.

“What?” Mathew looked shocked.

“Are you OK, man? I have orgy parties every Sunday night. I have a few friends to come: a few couples who swing and a few single girls who are just looking for fun. You should join us tonight. You’ll have fun too.” Mathew couldn’t find the best answer than:

“What the fuck, man! How long has this been going on?”

“For a few months! It’s OK, don’t worry about this, we are not going to mess the room, everything is covered up by covers. So do you say?”

“No, I don’t think so! Keep me out of this shit! This is your business; just keep the noise down.” said Mathew flatly.

“No, I think you don’t understand, this is my night and if you don’t like the noise, get the fuck out!” Albert said abruptly.

Mathew looked at the window outside it had been raining all day and he knew Albert was right; this was his night. He didn’t want to argue otherwise it would just bring more troubles.

“OK, then just do what you want but just don’t involve me!”

“Sure deal! Don’t worry!” Albert replied, “By the way, the party starts at 8pm, so if you don’t really want to join us, you can stay in your room and nobody disturbs you until it’s all done!”.

8 pm soon came, and there was the first door ring of this night.

“Can you answer that?” shouted Albert from the kitchen: “I am making the punch.”

Mathew went to the door reluctantly and opened it to see a gorgeous brunette. She had long brown hair, green eyes, she was around 5’7, huge breasts, and a tight ass she could be proud of. She was wearing a black mini skirt and a white blouse with only one button. Her open blouse showed her breasts cleavage very openly, and you can imagine the face of Mathew when he saw this beauty.

“Hi! I am Samantha. I have not seen you before. Are you new?”

“Wow, well, I am not part of this party.”

“Oh really? Too bad, you are going to lose much!” Mathew noticed her glance downwards towards his crotch, which was already bulging by this moment. “Well it looks like he wants to join,” she laughed. Mathew blushed slightly; and at this moment there Albert came out to the front door:

“Samantha, honey, I’m so glad you could come tonight” Albert kissed her on the cheek: “I see you have already met Mathew. Well, he is not with us tonight, but that’s his bad luck. The punch is in the kitchen, so help yourself.’

“Thanks a lot, Albert, so sorry that Mathew can’t join us. See you later” she winked and left for the kitchen.

“Are you sure you don’t want to join Mathew! This babe looks like she is really horny for you! She is a great fuck!”.

“No, thanks, Albert I am with Sabrina and I will not cheat on her.”

“You’re a fucking fool; she would never know! You’d better strike when the iron is hot!”.

“No, no, no, do not involve me,” Mathew said more firmly.

“OK, your choice!” were the last words of Albert. Then he followed Samantha into the kitchen.

The bell rang a few more times that night, these times Albert answered. Music played loudly and the chat got louder. Soon, the chats turned to moans. Mathew figured the real party had already started. Times passed by, and minutes lasted so long, they seemed to be an eternity. As hours went by, Mathew’s hunger grew up. He wanted to go downstairs for something to eat but he still heard the moans. He closed his ears with pillows, but the hunger was making itself felt stronger and stronger.
“Fuck it!” he finally thought to himself: “I will go down and be quick”.

He left his room and went downstairs silently. He entered the kitchen and saw some half naked girl on the breakfast table getting a finger fucking. She seemed to be on the clouds of ecstasy and it was not clear whether she noticed Mathew come inside or not. She finally noticed him when he was taking some food from the fridge, she wanted him to join her, but despite our hero was very turned on, he declined and left the kitchen with his macaroni and cheese.

Just as he was about to go back to his room again he heard a voice he recognized. The voice was Samantha’s. She was saying some dirty words like: “Fuck my ass, fuck it, you bastard!” it really caught his attention. He didn’t have anal with his girlfriend Sabrina for she refused it all the time, and now he really wanted to see it. He tip-toed to the door of the living room, and looked through a door’s crack. He could see Samantha bent down on all fours whereas a Jamaican guy positioned himself behind her. This guy had the cock! It was huge! Suddenly there was a big moan from Samantha when the guy literally drilled his massive manhood into her firm tight ass. His thrusts were deep and strong; there was no way for her to escape, she was biting her lips to savor her mix of pain and pleasure.

Mathew also wanted to go in that room and fuck her very much, but he stayed there. His cock was virtually bursting from his pants; this was just too much to watch. Just before he turned to go back to his room the black guy grunted loudly and dropped a white torrent of cum all over her ass! He stroked her ass and smiled to himself. Immediately, another guy took his turn. And then Mathew left for his room, he simply could not take it any longer! Later that night when the guests were finally leaving, Mathew was lying on his bed and thinking of the situation. He needed to release badly. He knew he only had to wait a couple of days for Sabrina so he tried to keep strong. It was 12 am and Mathew needed a piss, so he went to the bathroom quietly, trying not to wake Albert up, who was probably exhausted by now. He closed the bathroom door slowly behind him, then approached the toilet sink and got his relief. At this moment he heard running water coming from the bath! Damn! Someone must have left the tap on! He finished, and then turned the shower curtain to close the tap. To his surprise, he saw… Samantha in the hot bubble bath. She had been there all the time while he was pissing.

“Oh damn! I am sorry Samantha I didn’t know you were in here! You scared me to death!” She laughed:

“I am just washing up, you know, you get so sweaty and sticky after taking all those guys and girls”.
“Oh I see…” Mathew tried to turn away.

“Hey you don’t have to turn away you can look if you want or you don’t like my body?”

“Sure I like your body; it’s perfect!” Mathew replied.

He was saying truth. Indeed her body was! And she seemed not to be ashamed in front of him totally naked. Her huge breast looked fantastic with her hard nipples sticking out of the water and her pussy was shaved neatly. How he wished Sabrina would do that; it turned him on so much. Samantha noticed how turned on he was by the bulge in his pants:

“I see you like what you see.” Samantha gave him a seducing look.

She reached out of the bath to Mathew’s bulge and then started rubbing it over his jeans. “I know you have a girlfriend, Mathew. I’m not going to do anything bad between you and her. But you know I really want one more cock tonight and that’s your cock! Since nobody is here and I can keep any secret, I would like your hard cock in my ass tonight?” Mathew was too shocked to say anything or resist. His bulge betrayed him and he couldn’t say NO.

She knew he was hers now and started undoing his zipper. Soon Mathew’s cock sprang out to meet Samantha’s eagerly opened mouth. Her lips wrapped around his rod and to give him some hard suck job, her tongue teased swirling around his shaft. After so much wait it didn’t take long for Mathew to get near, but she was not going to let him release. She released his cock out of her mouth, stood up and stepped out of the bath. She kissed Mathew passionately pushing him to the toilet sink, then she went down on her knees and started sucking him some more; she looked straight into his eyes with every suck. She then looked up at him and asked him if he wanted to fuck her. Mathew, without any hesitation, dropped himself on the floor. He almost buried his cock inside of her and it easily slid inside Samantha’s slippery hot cunt. He banged her with long hard strokes while she wrapped her legs around his waist; it had never felt so good.

His cock rubbed against her swollen pink clit and she could feel her orgasm coming. That was the 6th cock she was getting for this night! Her body ached for him. She told him to go faster and deeper, and he went harder than he’d ever been before, harder than he had ever fucked his Sabrina. As a result of this wild fuck, she came! She came hard and fast, her body shuddered and arched, and Mathew was still fucking her hard. He held her in his arms for her body shook all over, her juices running down his shaft.

She knew he was close she could feel it building inside her soaking pussy she just whispered in his ear “I want you to fuck my ass now!” She pulled away and smiled. Mathew had wanted this also, Samantha turned on all fours and he knew it was time. He positioned his cock to her tight hole and slowly squeezed his cock inside inch by inch. God! It felt so good; it was so tight, better than he ever imagined. His strokes got longer, her moans got louder. She was begging for him to fill her ass with his “sweet cum”. In the long end, he moaned and came deep inside her ass! He gave her several hard jets of hot cum!

Afterwards he took Samantha to his bedroom where she would stop for the night. In the morning he enjoyed his second anal experience with Samantha. And it was so pity that Sabrina was coming home tomorrow.

When Sabrina did come home nothing was told about the night with Samantha. The only thing that really changed is that Mathew decided to stay at the apartment with Albert on Sundays so that he could have his anal pleasures with Samantha.

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  1. Rahi Says:

    you are so beautiful i want to be your friend

  2. cougar 307 Says:

    when will part be out concerning his girl and him

  3. hippymarty Says:

    i would have to do the keep doing it until she found out.then give her the choice to join.

  4. Marz Says:

    I g0t so fukn h0rny i kant wait t0 xpirience tht

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