My best sex experience

March 3rd, 2008

The best sex experience of a person comes when you are not to try out new things, the chick gets picked up by a guy and he opens the pleasures of the anal sex for her, nothing can be better…

We’ve known each other only for a little while! He was absolutely gorgeous! Extremely hot brunet, tall with fantastic hazel eyes! He called me up as we arranged and I was so excited I started getting myself ready to meet the prince – the man of my dreams. I got my hair done, put on mascara and started picking the outfit. The amazing lacy lingerie I recently bought myself last week came very opportunely. It was this half open bra, nice panties that barely cover my pussy and lacy stockings with the G-string.

I put on my airy short skirt, put on my seductive fancy perfume and finally put on my spike-heel shoes. I went out on the street! His car was parked on the side way. I sat down and gave him a sweet smile. As usually we kissed on the cheek and I took a look at him. He looked as stunning as always. He always dressed like from the cover of the magazine. Spick and span! He smelled of perfume and had a cigarette in between his teeth. We exchanged compliments and started riding in his Mustang. He was giving me scowling glance down at my legs. Stockings looked fantastic under the short skirt! Just like me he was on the edge of excitement!

The feeling of not knowing where he was taking me was making me even more turned on. I didn’t ask him where because I didn’t care. I just really wanted him to caress every inch of my hot body! When I imagined that, my nipples got hard and I saw they were sticking out underneath the blouse. Though there was also a bra, or better to say something like bra…

And so we turned from the highway and drove in the house streets. I froze from the feeling that soon we would love each other and our bodies would become one complete. The car stopped and we got out. We stepped into his beautiful house.

My heart was beating in the wild rhythm! And finally he closed the door. As soon as he did our lips embraced in kiss. His hands were moving all over my turned on body, my breath fastened up and he looked at me and smiled. We went to the dining room and it was dark in there. He walked towards the fireplace and lighted candles! I was taken aback from what I saw! The table was layed in the best manner with fruits and flowers. He took the bottle of champagne from the ice. Slap! And Crystal was filling up the cut-glasses.

I had few sips and started filling hot. I started fanning my face with some magazine but there he was… He came up to me and sat in front of me. Slowly he unbuttoned one and then the other button… My shirt was gonna come down. It did very soon. The next was my skirt. I saw how turned on he got from what he saw! He picked me up on his arms and took me to the bedroom! He took off his shirt and wow! His chest was so build up and so strong. What a handsome perfect guy! He came very close to me and kissed my lips like they were the most wanted lips. Then his lips slipped down on my neck and there they were almost next to my nipple that was deceitfully sticking out!

He took off my bra and kissed my busty breasts. I couldn’t keep myself from moaning! He played his tongue around my nipples and sometimes he would suck them or bite just a bit. My pussy was flowing juices! And there he was again! He went further down on me and pulled my panties aside. He didn’t take them off…he just pulled them on a side and I felt his hot breath on my wet crotch! I froze! His lips touched my wet pussy! Then I felt his hot soft tongue p.laying with my clit. He licked out my flowing pussy and I just couldn’t hold myself anymore…oh, how I wanted to take his dick into my mouth!

I pushed him away and started pulling down his jeans and than his boxers. And there it was… his huge dick was sticking out from a hard on! I pushed him and he lied down on the bed. I softly licked his dick head and went down on licking the rest of his barrel. I went down till his balls and then back up to playing with his dick head…I took it inside my mouth and started getting on his dick! Mmmmm… It’s such a pleasure to give a blow job to the man of my dreams! I sucked him in a crazy pace helping out with my hand kinda jerking his huge dick! He was moaning so sweetly! And finally he grabbed my hips and pulled me towards himself!

And there we were in the position 69! He was licking out my pussy as I was sucking his dick! What a kef! He pulled apart halves of my tight ass and moved his lips to the ring of my anal! Oh, yeah! His hot tongue was just driving me crazy! He fingered my clit and then slowly, tenderly moved his tongue up to the cherished dark spot of my bum! From such a turn on I sucked on his dick all the way down almost till his balls. I took his balls into my hands and pushed them… I felt his forefinger making its way in between my pussy-lips. He inserted one and then second finger inside my oozing juicy twat. He was fucking me with two of his fingers and licking my clit at the same time!

He took out the wet middle finger and inserted me inside my virgin bum… I didn’t resist. I just went crazy from those sensations… his fingers fucked me both in my pussy and my anal! I was on the edge of orgasm…and I fastened up my pace and so did he. I curved on him swallowing his sperm. It feels so right to cum inside each other’s mouths at the same time. But his friend down in there wouldn’t come down. It kept on being hard! He put me lying on my back and got on his knees. He stood in front of me and inserted his dick inside my wet sniveling from the juices and spit twat!

I held my breath and went crazy from his touch. He fastened his pace and orgasm was just about to overwhelm my body and soul. But he didn’t want to let me have yet! He smiled mocking at me. He would stop and take out his dick! My face looked full of frustration and I pushed him away. Away on his back. I tightly held his arms and kissed his tender soft lips. I sat down on top of his dick! Oh, how I love riding on top! It is my favorite sex position! I rose up the rhythm and jumped on his dick in a crazy pace like a real horse rider! I started feeling I cum soon and went on faster and faster… oh, yeah, I came on him. All of his abs area got wet from my juices! He jumped up really fast and put me into the doggy-style position. He shoved inside my crotch and made a few moves. He took out his dick and started licking my bum and my pussy again! And again he inserted his dick!!! And his fingers too!!!

He sucked on his finger and without a single second of hesitation he shoved my bum! In a minute he had his second finger inside my anal! It felt so right to have his dick in my vagina and his fingers in my ass. He understood that my anal hole got a good warm up and he took his dick-head to the entrance! Slowly but surely he went in deeper. I could tell he didn’t want to hurt me!

I was absolutely relaxed and gave myself away to his strong yet tender arms! He moved so slowly and his hand was holding my hip. Another hand was playing on my tiny clit! I never thought I could feel so much pleasure from anal sex! He went on faster and I couldn’t keep myself from screaming and cuming. A couple of moves and I felt his cum feeling up my flesh. Yes he came; he came right inside of me! His sperm was in my bum! We collapsed on the bed! I lied on his chest and looked into his beautiful eyes! He was touching my hair! This was our wild sex! The best one in my life! Fantastic sex!

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2 Responses to “My best sex experience”

  1. nigger lover Says:

    u pussy looks like a pound of deli meat at publix

  2. frank escobar Says:

    nice hot and sexy story. it gave me a nice hard on

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