The guy is in love with an American Indian girl, but she’s got strict morals and principals and there’s no way she can break them. She can’t let a man fuck her pussy unless he marries her, but her ass is always open for a fat cock! Read and find out about the true nature of Indian sluts!

She was beautiful. Her black curly hair smelled of vanilla and it was fantastic! She had a small bust and a tight ass. Her legs were slender and long. Mel was Indian and was inclined to corpulence as many women of her diaspora but due to the fact she looked after herself her figure was gorgeous. Her face was very beautiful, devilishly beautiful.

I started dreaming about Mel when I had seen her for the first time. And once I had a chance to get what I wanted. We agreed to meet. Like all Indian girls she was a bit shy but her dark deep eyes drove me absolutely mad! They were passionate and tempting. They made me excited a lot!!!

We started dating and our third date she agreed to spend at my apartment. I spent the whole day to prepare for that: bought wine, fruit, cigars (all these are aphrodisiacs), condoms and other necessary stuff. I supposed that if something happened between us she wouldn’t allow me to fuck her pussy… You know all those traditions – girl’s virginity is of utmost importance! That’s why I bought everything for anal pleasures: special condoms, a lubricant.

She arrived at 7. As always one single look at her made me excited… Oh, I wanted her so much!.. And she felt that!

Mel was pleasantly surprised with my hospitality. We drank a bottle of wine and I felt ready to start. I kissed her sweet lips… Oh, how sweet they were! I was enjoying kissing her neck, back and waist. She responded to my caress and obviously liked what was happening.

When my hand slid to her butt Mel shuddered and I felt she started trembling and her breathing got faster. I turned her with her back to me and began taking off her blouse and fondling her small beautiful boobs. She was shaking even more than before. I wasn’t going to stop.

I was stroking and pinching her nipples and my right hand went down to her trousers. But she removed my hand. I decided to act less persistently. A bit later my hand was again on her pants undoing the buttons, one after the other. When I finished with that, my fingers went inside her panties and reached her pussy. It was not shaved (I love that!!! I hate those shaved pubises.). Mel was wet. I took my hand out and smelled my fingers. Her terrific scent made me crazy! I even licked my digits!

Mel didn’t resist my caress. My hand slid into her panties again and this time I fondled her longer. I made an attempt to penetrate her hole with my finger but at that moment she pushed me away and with tears on her eyes covered her breast with a blouse.

- What’s wrong, honey? – I asked.

Mel kept silence and I saw a tear rushed down her cheek.

- Dan, it shouldn’t happen this way! We’ll do that only if you marry me! – My goddess said.

Frankly speaking I loved Mel, she was a wonderful girl and I envisioned her as my wife. But… I was so young… just 20 years old… if I were 30… I would certainly marry her. That’s why I hadn’t planned to get married even to such a beauty as Mel.

The girl started crying quietly. I made up my mind. I approached to her from behind, wrapped my arms around her and began stroking her hair. Then I kissed her and felt her tears on my lips. I felt I would have an explosion in my pants. I started fondling her breasts again. She was panting but I pressed her to me and she couldn’t tear away from me.

- Honey, you know that I don’t exist without you. To love you is such bliss! – I said and smiled. She looked into my eyes and smiled back. I continued, – Love can be different. We can make love without deflowering you, – I pronounced and passed my hands over her thighs.

She understood me and made no attempts to tear away from me anymore. She even giggled and touched my cheek. At first I thought she was going to lull my vigilance and run away from me but I was mistaken. As I found out later Caucasian women are very passionate but they can’t go to bed with all the men they like. That’s why they love men in a different way. They allow their partners to fuck their butts.

I pulled her pants off and saw a tight inviting ass in tango panties. I saw a wet spot in front – she obviously wanted sex. I put the girl on my bed and with the help of my teeth I took off the rest of her clothes. Her panties and pussy smelled nicely… I couldn’t restrain myself and started licking Mel…

It was fantastic! I tongued her clit, fondled the labia and all the tenders skin she had around. I kissed her fabulous legs, penetrated her butt with my tongue. Mel was moaning and panting loudly stroking my hair.

Her butt was very clean that amazed me a lot. I realized that she’d prepared for this evening very well. I decided there was no need to make the prelude too long. I put her legs on my shoulders and started penetrating her… Mel bit her lip and kept on moaning. Her eyes were closed. I felt rather comfortable inside and understood I wasn’t the first here.

I began moving slowly and she was moaning and moaning quietly. About 10 minutes later I built up the tempo and pumped my girl’s ass rhythmically stroking her belly and fondling her clit. Mel was moving in pace with me and I was very happy everything happened this way.

Her pussy was extremely moist. Her juices were flowing. I turned Mel down and put her on her fours. Then I thrust sharply inside. It hurt and she stopped me for a second, then we continued.
I was fucking her fiercely and she was impaling herself on my cock with pleasure. When I was on the verge I squeezed her buttocks and suddenly burst out into her passage. I pulled my dick out and my semen gushed onto her back, butt and legs. I collapsed on the bed and she lay beside me embracing my body with her arm.

- You’ve quickly guessed what I wanted, – she said smiling.

- What are talking about, honey? –I asked her.

- I wanted to offer you this kind of sex but didn’t know how to start. You’ve understood everything.

We kissed and I felt aroused again. My hand moved to her pussy and started stroking it. To my surprise, Mel moved down and took my cock into her mouth. I had never experienced anything like this before. She did such things that I can’t even describe. All I can say is – it was unspeakable sensation. She was literally milking me, caressing groin and bollocks.

We lay in 69 position. I licked her pussy, drinking her sweet juices, and massaged her anus. I ejaculated into her girl’s mouth and she swallowed everything.

At the moment of cumming I sucked her clit furiously and felt she started climaxing. She shuddered and her juices soon filled my mouth. My finger in her butt was squeezed tightly.

We lay for about 20 minutes. Then we had dinner, drank some more wine. All the evening long Mel looked at me tenderly stroking my hand.

I saw her off home. Our good-bye kiss lasted for 15 minute, non-stop. I was turning on again. She passed her hand over my bulge and said in the tenderest voice possible:

- Wait for another date, darling…

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