Make a wish

June 29th, 2008

This guy takes his girlfriend to a picnic and tries her sweet butt right in nature? What can be better? Although later they are joined by his friends…

It was a wonderful spring day, there were just several days left before the spring break began. Everyone was pretty tired but anyway really excited about the break.

It was a nice warm and sunny morning. We were going on a picnic. I wasn’t really getting ready for it. I took some snack, some other unnecessary stuff.

I’d just broken up with my boyfriend Brandon after more than 6 months of a very hot relationship. It’s not that I was all along since that time. I got a new fuckbuddy in about two days after the split. Josh, a guy from my college, came up to me during lunch and offered taking a walk with him. He saw me home after the classes. It took us pretty much time and I got really tired. So I asked Josh if he wanted coffee or something, he said he did.

While I was busy with the coffee Josh turned on some slow music and was standing in the center of the room waiting for me.

“Do you wanna dance?” He asked me when I came into the room.

“Yeah, sure.”

He was holding me tight while we were dancing. I don’t know what happened – maybe it was the music, maybe it was his strong hands round my waist, but I felt so relaxed and happy after all those nerve-racking days of breaking up with Brandon. Josh was so strong and so protective. Seemed he was holding me tighter every other second. His gentle caress made me feel chills up and down my spine.

Josh lifted my face at him and kissed me. It was a very careful and romantic kiss. He got braver and then kissed me deeper. Our tongues found each other, I was hugging his muscular body. I felt his fingers get under my top and undo my bra. I desperately wanted Josh. I wanted to feel him inside, to feel his penetration and frictions…

I don’t remember how come I got on the bed and got naked. All I remember is a strongest orgasm and overwhelming excitement after having sex with a stranger.

We were lying naked then. Josh was patting my stomach. It suddenly occurred to me he knew me so unexpectedly well. Firstly, he knew all my erogenic zones. He made me wet within a split second, he knew exactly what I wanted and how I wanted him to do that. Secondly, he somehow knew I hated blowjob unlike 100% of my friends and girls my age who think sex is no good if a guy doesn’t cum in your throat. And finally, he knew I never let anybody fuck my pussy, and prefer anal sex. He found the right hole and let my own fingers please my clit. Besides, he had lubrication in hand… He knew I liked my boobs get fondled through the top. He was pinching my nipples making me hot again. My nipples got hard.

I just couldn’t help asking Josh how come he knew so much about me. He said Brandon told him everything. I didn’t know what to say at first. First I was ready to go and kick Brandon’s ass… but then I thought he wasn’t worth it.

“I know you like masturbating in front of a guy,” Josh whispered. “Do a show for me.”

One must live his life in full. No regrets. No time for thinking. I told Josh to get on the floor and lean on the chair. I turned my back at him and arched it. My bushy pussy was just several inches away from his face. I started fondling myself, spreading my juices over my anus, fucking both of my holes with my fingers. He was watching my anal masturbation and jerking his big dick.

We became lovers and spent the whole week having a lot of sex. Josh was also into ass-fucking, he loved licking my ass and then screwing it. He loved cumming on my face and watching me gather his cum with my fingers and lick it off.

So it was a picnic. Josh would be there. Brandon would be there too. He was to come with his new love Doris. So it was apparently gonna be fun, and I had to look terrific. I got undressed in front of the mirror. As my boobs were pretty small there was no need to put on a bra. I picked a top that was almost see-through. My tiny white thongs didn’t hide my busy pussy at all. I put on flesh color stockings and a skirt. It wasn’t one of my favorite super-mini skirts. It was a bit longer than the skirts I usually wore but it was so light that any wind gust cold raise it and expose my butt and pussy…

It was such a pity Brandon didn’t even look my way. He was all into his Doris. Doris and I used to be friends; once we had a joined masturbation session while watching a porn movie. I didn’t really want to quarrel with her because of that jerk. Seemed those guys were everywhere – anywhere I went I saw them kiss and fondle each other. So when Josh offered me a walk farther in the woods I was really happy to go with him. I knew what we’d be doing there….

Even before we got deep in the woods Josh started kissing me and squeezing my boobs. He said he loved when girls were wearing no bra. So when we found some open area among the trees I was pretty hot and wet. There was a big stone in the center. It was covered by green moss. I thought it could be a nice place for fucking…

Josh was kissing me and fondling my boobs through the top. I unzipped his fly, pulled off his pants and started jerking his dick. It was hard and hot, it was poking at my belly button. I bent down, slid the foreskin backwards and licked the dickhead. Josh moaned and started shoving his hips frontward as if fucking somebody. I was sucking the head, while my hands were sliding up and down the stem. When I knew he was ready I decided it was time for me to have some fun, too.

He threw off my skirt, my stockings, and my panties. I kept my top on. I leaned on the stone and closed my eyes… Josh got on his knees in front of my spread legs and touched my hard throbbing clit. He spread my vulva lips and my bush to enter my pussy with his tongue. He was licking me well. I was building up for the first orgasm. I started pinching my nipples to make sensations stronger. Josh was licking my anus trying to get his tongue in my rectum when I was cumming.

I raised my legs as high as possible getting ready for another orgasm when Josh stopped licking me. He stood up and reached for something. I felt his fingers spread something cold over my asshole. He started thrusting his dick in my butt. He took it out and lubricated it well to enter my ass at the full length. He kissed me on the lips, raised my butt, giving me full access to my pussy, and started fucking my rectum rhythmically and hard, making me feel another wave of bliss seize me.

When climaxing for the second time I opened my eyes slightly and saw there was some guy watching us fucking. Josh didn’t seem to care much about him. When staring closer I recognized the guy, it was Matt. Josh went on drilling me, it felt so great and I didn’t feel like stopping. Who cares Matt was watching.

I noticed one thing. Matt was rubbing his dick through the pants.

“Listen dude … I want her … too.” Matt said in a hoarse voice.

Josh didn’t answer. He was fucking me hard and fast.

“You can do it… when I cum” He whispered in a minute.

Oh God! It was so unusual. Arousal was so strong I couldn’t fight the temptation to try another dick. Matt was standing silently, jacking his stem, watching Josh screw me. At first Matt didn’t know Josh was fucking my ass, maybe it as due to my bushy pussy. When he finally saw what hole was being drilled he got really surprised and even more aroused.

“You’re ramming her ass?” He murmured.

Josh said something indistinguishing and went on pumping my rectum up.

“I see,” Matt said and pulled off his pants. I saw his big dick. It was beautiful. “Let’s fuck both of her holes. You’ll take the ass, and I’ll take the twat. Or vise versa. What do you think?”

“No Matt, no twat, she’s a virgin.”

“V-i-rgi-n,” Matt drawled.

Josh was tired of fucking me in that position, so he turned me around, made me get on my knees and entered my ass again. Josh always changed tempo and rhythm trying to make both of us feel as much pleasure as possible.

Matt came up to me and got his hand under my top. He started feeling up my boobies. I moaned with pleasure.

“She’s got cool tits. A cool chick.”

“And a great ass.” Josh added.

Matt started fondling my gushing slit, I didn’t want to stop him as it felt so great. He surely didn’t feel very comfortable as he had to hold his pants and finger my pussy at the same time. So he walked round the stone and stood in front of my face. He bent down a bit and got his hands under my top. Josh was banging me really hard meanwhile.

Matt’s dick was right in front of my face. It was huge! I felt the smell of it… it was so arousing. Turned out it felt terrific to be fondled by two guys. It made me lose control. Matt was pinching my nipples and squeezing my boobs making me so hot I was ready to cum any moment. Josh was screwing my ass. It was fabulous! I was cumming. It was a long unforgettable orgasm. My body was trembling, I was bucking and crying. Matt stuck his dick deep in my throat. I was kind of pressed between two big guys. “This is my first threesome. I can make a wish…” I thought.

Matt was cumming too. I felt his dick throb deep inside my throat spurting cum and making me shiver again. I tried to swallow his cum and drink all of his juices.

“WOW!” Matt said getting his flaccid dick out of my mouth.

At this very moment Josh took his pecker out of my hole and turned me round to cum on my face. His semen was everywhere: on my face, on my lips, my cheeks, eyes, and hair. I got his sperm off my cheek and licked the finger. Josh’s cum mixed with Matt’s. Josh wiped his dick against my shoulder and the guys put on their pants.

Josh and I were strolling in the woods. He wanted more but I was too tired to bang again. When we got back to the guys I saw Matt chat with Brandon pointing at me from time to time. I wish guys knew what wish I made…

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  1. erfan Says:

    do you send one of that nice slut to iran.

    i want fuck her pussy and her ass

  2. al salam Says:

    Ilove to fuck her ass too

  3. taladoy Says:

    your story make my dick strong and i cumm so fast while reading it. oh what a filling

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