Lola’s ass!

September 3rd, 2007

It’s hard to put up without sex when your wife is on a business trip, but it’s really nice when she’s got a female friend, who is a slut and who wants her ass to be fucked. Would you refuse to fuck a nice butt while your wife is away?

No sooner had we entered Lola’s home as she bent on her knees, lowered my knees with a jerk and set to sucking me off vehemently. I fucked her for about 2 weeks, my wife Stella went for the business trip, as I couldn’t abstain form sex any loner than 3 days so I had to visit her best girlfriend, and… as it happened then… fuck her hard. I had to confess Lola having very energetic nature and she fucked very well despite my wife, she was so horny! But she had only a few rare lovers, all of them were married. I was not an exception, but I believed she was glad being fucked by some permanent partner, though he was her best girlfriend’s husband. Moreover, I gave myself the trouble to visit her though she lived some an hour from me.

Lola sucked me off, with closed eyes, her lips slid along my cock very fast. She sucked very well, skillfully and with delight, while doing this blowjob we gradually moved to the bed room undoing the cloth at the same time. The day before Lola regretted to say that she had her monthlies and couldn’t fuck with me. She said that the only thing she could do to me was the blowjob, I didn’t mind. As for me, I would fuck her that way, but I had another idea bout her, I turned her ass to me, and took some lubricant out of my bag, she looked at me understandingly and asked: “does it hurt?” “No, of course no, haven’t you ever had anal sex before?” “No, but I’d love to!” I was really glad. I was supposed to be first one to fuck her backdoors, sure, I knew that first moments woman’s ass would hurt much, but then the pain would go, but couldn’t say it to her. Moreover, this motherfucking slut faked her best girlfriend out with her husband, and there might not be any hassle doing it. I, for one, loved fucking babes’ assholes, but my Stella always turned down my requests upon this issue. I had only once fucked her ass (when she was drunk), but she then kept nagging me about it for the whole week. Though she had enough of me in her backdoors, I had been ramming her for about 2 hours until I came first, and within the night it occurred 3 times.

I lubricated her anus affluently, widening it with fingers, and then put my cock inside. She cried saying that it pained her a lot, though I cared a fig, but anyway had to stop for a while, set my dick right in front of her asshole and slid it inside with one jerk. She cried out, but it was late, I began ramming her hard back and forth, increasing the rhythm or slowing down. In a while I noticed Lola moving her ass in time with my thrust, timid first, but then doing it more and more aggressively. After that she set to moaning: “Come on, do it to me” I was astonished to hear these words, I could never believe her enjoying anal sex, and I questioned her roughly: “do you like it, bitch?” “Don’t stop, keep on fucking my ass!” her words were incoherent and disjointed. I decided to abuse her a bit: “what, slut, do you like it?” then there a whole heaps of abusive words ensued, she was saying that she was a bitch, she wanted to be fucked any way, she was longing for my shaft etc. at the same time she was moving her ass impaling her backdoors onto my penis violently.

It all lasted rather long, in the long run I felt me coming. Lola had already managed to come 3 or 4 times by this time, but I wanted to do it some specific way; she was first lying on he belly with her ass poking out to e while I rammed her anus standing on my knees. Next, I just put her on the sofa and went on drilling her hard, not a word could escape her lips, only moans… at last I came splashing my cum affluently in there, so that it poured out of her fucked hole. I was coming likely for 30 or 40 seconds.

This was rather short period of my life when I had sex with this woman, soon after my wife came back I gave up getting I touch with Lola (though at the very last time we had so rough sex first, then I banged my own wife after arrival) and my Stella seemed to close he mind against it. But even now, since when it’s been 2 years since that each time when I see Lola (who still remains my wife’s best girlfriend) I have some pleasant feeling knowing that I have once fucked this bitch in all the holes.

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5 Responses to “Lola’s ass!”

  1. akhil Says:

    Best wishes for ur future fuckings

  2. Bond Says:

    That’s frustrating when your wife is on a business trip! When my girlfriend is busy getting ready for her exams in college, I go mad! I can’t do anything to calm my dick down so I have to go out and look for someone to fuck on a one night stand! I just hate cheating on my girlfriend but it’s her fault! When she doesn’t want to fuck me I have to find someone new for my dick! cause I am a man! I approve of a man in this story as his wife was on a business trip and he had a really good opportunity to fuck her girlfriend, well would you disagree?
    I doubt you would!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    thisstory is fictional and has stolen the piture

  4. Brendan Says:

    I liked the story… I disagree that fucking someone coz ur partner is away is acceptable… Ones own hand does it well… Cheating is never acceptable or justifiable… If she is on business or doing exams its up to us as men to understand and deal with it faithfully

  5. Mehran Says:

    i want friend girl any girl call me plz my contact num 00923217659755 my age 20 i m student

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