Good friends!

January 14th, 2009

Friendship can always turn into something more, and this story is a real proof of it, especially, there can not be any friendship between a man and a woman, read and get hot!

Monica and I had been friends for nearly 2 years. We were very close and all the time they would see us doing something together. We told each other everything. I never really saw Monica in a sexual way, although she was quite attractive with a sexy figure and large breasts everyone would love to knead. I just saw her as a friend. Because we shared everything with one another, it often included our sexual progress with others – and to this point we were still virgins. I wasn’t’ going to consider her as my girlfriend or an object of sexual intercourse! You know it’s like you have a friend to whom you trust very much. This obviously created a kind of sexual tension between us, and neither of us admitted his rising attraction to each other.

One good night, on our way back from a late drive in cinema, Monica snuggled up next to me. I assumed she was just tired and wanted to sleep, so I let her. Then she started to feel me up. I quickly drew back and asked her what she was doing.

“I want to play a bit” she said in a sexy voice. It was so surprising to me that I didn’t find what to say first. But then I managed to utter something like:

“Well, let’s talk about this later.” I said.

“We’re in a public place.” She agreed. After we got home, I went to drop her off, but, for some unknown reason, stopped along the way.

“Now what were you talking about before?” I asked.

“Well, I wanted to play… you know, fool around. Just have some fun! But if you don’t want to, I understand. Nothing would affect our friendship.” I thought it over and realized I was already quite hard. So, I agreed.

We slipped into the back seat of my car and we practically ripped each other’s shirts off. The sexual tension was very high! And although we were too young and inexperienced, on some unexplainable intuition we caught the meaning of what was happening. And none of us was going to stop. Her breasts were even more incredible than I’d imagined. I cupped one in each hand and began to suck her tits. She moaned with pleasure and reached down to unzip my pants, which were restraining my bulging cock. She pulled it out and gasped in amazement:

“I never would have thought it was so big!” she said, amazed, and she took all 8 inches into her mouth. I gasped with pleasure. Just before I was about to cum, I removed my cock from her mouth and told her she deserved some pleasure as well. I reached my hands down to her tight black thongs and felt her neatly shaved pussy. It was soaked! Almost instantly I touched her clit, she writhed in pleasure.

“Oh god, I’ve wanted this for so long!” Monica moaned letting her underwear fall onto the ground of the car: “Please fuck me!”

It sounded quite strange to me, as I had no idea that she has wanted it for long. I made her cum in pleasure by fingering her, but then told her we couldn’t have intercourse since we didn’t have condoms. Well, much to my surprise, she suggested anal sex, since she had never even had vaginal intercourse! Well, she positioned her lovely ass to me and I tried to shove my cock in, but it was of no avail because we didn’t have any lubricant on hand. She then decided to suck me off and did so between deep throating and jacking me off. She sucked on my cock really good and hard.

“Where are you going to let me cum?? I moaned at her.

“I’m going to swallow it of course!” She said excitedly between sucks. With that, she went down on my cock again and I exploded into her. She managed to swallow most of my hot cum, my first cumshot in sexual activity, with some of it dribbling down her chin.

“Mm, that tasted so good.” Monica said, licking her lips. I lay back, stunned, but happy. I then drove her home.

The next night, Monica came over and we went out to talk again. She seemed a bit perturbed and nervous. She told me that he ass hurt badly, perhaps my big cock might have hurt it when I was trying to penetrate her. I told her to climb into the back seat and I would have a look at the problem. Well, my girl took off her sweater to reveal her beautiful breasts for she wasn’t wearing any bra. Almost immediately I felt my cock begin to harden. Monica then undid her jeans and slid them down and put them on the floor. She also removed her black thong panties. I knew my cock was now rock hard, and perhaps there was nothing serious with her ass, but she insisted to me to look at her ass and tell her what I see. Monica leaned back and spread her legs up near her head. What I saw was a really wet pussy! But, I didn’t say that, because it was needless. Otherwise, her ass looked fine, very OK. No bruises or traces.

“I can’t see anything – why don’t you put this lube on it to make it feel better?” I suggested.

“Well, I’m not sure if it works! May be if you put lubricant on your cock and push it in, I would feel better?” Monica suggested with a devilish look in her eyes.

“It’s up to you, honey” I said, knowing well what this dirty girl meant. And she meant probing her ass!
“I think we should go for it” she said.

I was on ecstasy but tried to keep it to myself. Monica then lubed her asshole a bit and helped me undo my jeans. She grinned at the sight of my hard erection and spread lube on it slowly and deliberately so that soon my whole cock was glistening with the lube. This virtually put me over the edge. I gently began to push it into her, she was lying at this moment on her back and legs in the air. This time, my cock popped into her tight asshole with no resistance. I could barely stand it – my cock was surrounded by her tight ass muscles and my ears were filled with her happy moans. God, damn! It someone told me last week that soon I would be fucking my best friend – I would tell him to fuck off! I was on my way fucking her when she told me to fuck her harder and faster! I didn’t resist. I fucked her in and out for a few times to her soft moans. Then I pulled out and instructed her to turn over doggy style. I aligned my cock and penetrated again. I was close to my climax and I could swear she was reaching her own orgasm.

“I’m going to blow a load! I’m gonna cum, honey!” I moaned.

“Oh please, cum to me! Fuck me. Blow a load from your huge cock all over my face! Please, give me that cum” She replied between moans.

That was too much for me, and her! Her cum poured out, running down our legs, and I could no longer hold on! With that I just pulled my throbbing cock out of her ass and I released a huge load all over her! Just a second earlier she slipped off out of me and put her face to my convulsing cock! White cum landed strictly all over her face! I collapsed on her, my throbbing cock still pulsating!

“Does your ass feel better now?” I asked

“Oh, yes! It is really fine now! It doesn’t hurt at all!”

From then on, Monica and I were always close friends, but when we wanted to explore more, we always knew we had a friend to help.

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2 Responses to “Good friends!”

  1. nileena Says:

    i like sex and i like to lick ur boobs

  2. Gibbs Says:

    I love this, I have a friend just like that whom I share everything with. I only wish this would happen.

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