Getting my ass fucked!

December 10th, 2008

This story shows you everything about sex, there’s everything you are dreaming about, read and enjoy!

I was watching him sitting in his leather chair tonight. With me sitting close to him sitting in the wicker chair next to me I said I was tired and I was going to bed. Knowing he wanted my pussy I turned off the TV and he followed me upstairs to our bed room. I was in a light T shirt and a black pair of sleep panties. Here I was with my huge tits with perky nipples about 2 inches around and my pussy being so wet with anticipation. He loved to smell my panties after I take them off. Huh, this guy was so hot and so handsome.

I must say it was too hard to me to act as if I didn’t want sex. I love Role games and love to dominate males. He took his clothes off and I should say his body was so gorgeous! And he also had beautiful black eyes. There he was standing near me with his cock so hard he got into bed next to me and started caressing my tight ass and kissing my neck sliding his hand down between my legs. My heart was racing. To be honest my neck is my weakness.

I was getting aroused and started getting into his advancements. He was rubbing my pussy threw my panties. I was lying on my stomach on one side with my legs spread so that his hand could slide up and down my hard erect clit, pussy, and my ass. I was so fucking aroused.

After a pause and some moaning from my side, I reached down and took off my satin panties. Then I turned over and spread my legs and guided him between them. He laid between my legs and was on top of me. His hard muscular body was on top of mine and he was looking in to my eyes. He started kissing my neck and my sexy mouth. He whispered naughty things in my ear. He asked who his slut was and I replied: “I am you dirty slut”.

I was lying there and his cock was getting rock hard! He started rubbing his cock up and down my clit and pussy but didn’t insert it in. He told me that I have beautiful tits, that my nipples were dark and so fucking hard. He sucked on one nipple, and then the other! It felt so good! He began to rub his dick harder, and started to moan. After that he pulled my knees up on his shoulders to get my hot pussy in the right position to start fucking.

Well, at this point he asked me if I wanted him to lick my pussy. I said yes, I wanted him to lick my pussy all over! He then slid down to smell my sweet pussy and began licking my clit.

Oh, God! He went down, just pushing his tongue into my tight shaven pussy slightly. I squirmed on the bed when I felt the orgasm coming. Then he decided to probe my wet cock hungry tight ass with his tongue! As he licked my ass hole he lifted my ass so he could get his tongue inside deeper. Actually, I love to have his tongue deep in my ass. But this was a great sensation. He then moved his lips and tongue over my clit and started sucking and licking it! At the same time I began to moan heavily! I continued to push my ass all over his face. I placed my feet on his back getting my ankles up in the air so that my pussy was wide and ready to eat. When he started putting a finger in my pussy and getting to my G spot, I was about cum all over the place! He started rubbing it slowly at first and then faster and faster, licking and sucking on my clit at the same time.

As he licked my wet pussy he said the smell was making him so crazy. He then took out his finger and started probing my sexy ass with his middle finger. My pussy juices have already started dripping down from my pussy to my ass and his finger was also wet with my fluids. He was probing my ass hole with his finger without stopping sucking on my clit! God, it felt so good!

Loving this I started fucking his finger, as he kept on shoving it deeper in my ass, I began to impale my asshole onto his finger! He never stopped inserting his finger all the way in my ass, and then I felt him pushing another finger into my pussy, just reaching down my G spot! Now I was being impaled onto his 2 fingers, massaging and stimulating my G spot together with my anal passage made me cum hard! Deep in my ass I could feel him in my pussy, pushing his finger in and out! I could hardly stay still on the bed. He told me if I did not obey he would bondage me to the bed. I was his dirty slut and didn’t want to disappoint him!

He told me that he was ready to fuck my horny pussy. But he continued finger fucking my ass and then he put another finger in my ass just stretching it out for his hard cock. Putting his fingers all the way down my hot asshole, pushing in and out! All the time he licked my clit and I could not wait any longer! I started cumming! My moaning got excitingly louder! I grabbed his head and pulled his face towards my pulsing cunt! Cum was flowing on his handsome face and down his chin. He said he could eat me everything, and he really enjoyed it.

I was cumming and my pussy fluid felt so nice and warm and wet all over his handsome face. He said the smell of my juices was like nothing to compare with! I was cumming so hard while he fucked both of my holes and sucked my clit. His 2 fingers were in my ass hole and his mouth, lips, and tongue were on my clit! All the time he would flick and finger fuck my pussy also. I was laying there while he did what ever he wanted to me. Like his dirty slut I wanted his cock so bad but I was so hot from what he was doing to me. I would do anything for his cock, anything!

I came so much, now there was a wet warm wet spot on the bed between my legs and an awesome sweet smell coming through the room. This all got his hard cock throbbing, thus he wanted to start fucking my hot tight pussy. Then he moved up my nice belly to suck on my huge tits. As he slid up more, his erect cock slid just a bit into my throbbing pussy. He began to tease my cunt with the head of his huge swollen cock.

I grabbed it with my right hand and tried to pull it in me deeper. He denied me of this by holding steady and not letting his cock going deep into my pussy. So he hold the tip of his huge cock just at the entrance of my pussy. It was so fucking hot and hard to endure, I slapped his ass with my left hand demanding him to fuck me! He teased me so good. Finally I said:

“Fuck me with your fat cock, honey, fuck me now, I need it badly! Fuck me hard and fast!”

So he finally gave in, his cock slipped right in my pussy and I guided his rod deep in me. My pussy was nice and tight, wet, and juicy! My pussy was just at the right condition, as he actually loves it! He fucked me hard in and out, sucking on my ear lap and teasing me. Oh, it felt so good! His cock was in my warm wet pussy all the way! I moved my hips in a circular motion, just taking his cock as deep as it was possible! He never stopped teasing me while he fucked me hard. He told me to suck my huge tits as if I was sucking on his cock.

I sucked my tits with such desire, he took his cock out of my hot pussy and thrust it with such a force back in, then started banging my cunt hard and fast! My nipples got soon wet from my sucking on them! Then he reached down my ass and shoved his finger in my asshole so that it rubbed against my pussy as he was fucking me. I then told him to fuck my ass as I needed it in my ass badly. He pulled out of my pussy and started putting the head of his cock at the entrance of my tight ass. He was so fucking huge I wonder if I could take it all.

I wanted it all so bad. He probed my ass with the head of his cock pushing it in and out for a while; until the head slid in. I moaned like a dirty whore I am! I was telling him to fuck my ass, to fuck it hard! I grabbed his cock with my hand and slowly pulled it into my ass deeper. I should say that it was painful at first and it really hurt. But soon pain gave way to pleasure, and everything was fine, my asshole was really OK and wet with anticipation of the whole thing inside! He then started fucking me with his cock in and out! I told him to fuck my ass with that fucking hard cock! he put my ankles onto his shoulders, with one hand he grabbed my hip and started guiding his cock inside of me, with the other hand he took up flicking my clit! He was stimulating my clit and fucked my ass at the same time! He went crazy, he pushed his cock in my ass as far as he could. He fucked my like mad, spanking my ass, slapping my tits, pulling up my hair! He fucked me like a monster, telling me that my ass was his and it was so fucking tight, that I was a dirty slut and I was his fuck toy. The harder he fucked me, the more I was aroused.

My ass hole was open wide, gripping his cock tightly. He pushed in hard but pulled out slowly. He did this for a few minutes. This just was driving me wild, his cock felt so good in my ass, my pussy was really hot and burning with pleasure! He kept on fucking me hard and then slowly, I couldn’t help moaning:

“Oh, honey, give it to me! Fuck me in the ass hard, fuck my ass, don’t stop fucking me!”

Almost out of breath from efforts, he gave me what I really wanted! I grabbed the sheets of the bed and pulled it with my long nails! The feeling was so intense as if my ass swallowed his entire cock! He said he was about to cum! I could feel his cock swell up and getting bigger. It was getting bigger in my ass. His balls were hitting my tight naughty ass. His balls let go a pulse, and he pulled out, moved closer to my face, and directed that pulsing cock to my mouth! The head of his cock started convulsing like a vibrator! His balls let out a huge load of cum all over my face! He was holding his cock, jerking it off severely and his hot cum was flying out like torrent! His cream covered all over my face, even my eyes! Then he looked at me with wild eyes and asked:

“You want some more?”

“Yeas, give me some more!” was my reply.

He tensed up, and began jacking off furiously! His muscles strained and he was all in jerking off his big red cock! Then he finally moaned and the burst of cum exploded out of his cock and started landing all over my face! Double cum! He covered me with his creamy white stuff. He loved me taking all of his cum all over me! And all this time he was breathing hard, and his chest was heaving!

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    I would love to get aquainted with your cock.

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    mm this story is soo hot..just got done fucking myself with my dildo. any guys or girls wanna chat ;) message me on aim- xweeezybaby

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    I like girls beg me to fuck their pussies&asshols

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    good shit

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