First anal experience!

September 29th, 2008

A guy is dreaming of fucking his girlfriend in the ass and finally his dream cums true and her ass opens up…

Hello to everyone! This is my first story, and I’m a bit anxious about it. I didn’t write much but hope you enjoy this stuff. It all started a few years ago. When I was 19 I was dating a guy, Anthony. He was studying at the College, was a football team player, and had various interests. But what was more curious about him is that he was very open sexually. He had always wanted (and never concealed that) to try anal sex. He kept urging me in anal saying that it was so exciting and that I was the only one in the whole world he wanted to it with. I, on my part, I was very hesitant because Anthony had a very large cock, about 9 inches long and very thick. I was worried about what such a monster could do to my ass if I agreed. I knew it would hurt, and hurt very much, but I wanted to feel pleasure but not pain from such sex.

Well one day we were lying in my bed. Both of us were silent and admiring each others bodies through our clothes. It was a sort of relaxing foreplay I always loved. Suddenly Anthony asked:

“Are you ready?”

It wasn’t difficult for me to figure out what he was talking about. I’m sure he could tell by the look on my face I was very hesitant. He told me that he would be very gentle to me. But I knew his size was didn’t want to risk. I was still very cautious but finally I said: “yes”.

Anthony began to caress my whole body through my clothes. He kissed me very softly and gently, and then we started undressing each other. I moved down towards Anthony’s dick which was already hard and pulsing. Grabbing it by the base, I licked softly the pre-cum from the head of his cock and took it all into my mouth. We both I knew I was very good at blow jobs and I could suck very well. I would usually start from slow rhythmical sucks, speeding up gradually and finally deep throating my entire cock. His body began to jerk wildly when I sucked his huge cock and took it all the way into my mouth. When he was about to cum, I pulled his dick out of my mouth, and now it was my turn.

Anthony gave me a seductive grin and moved his hand towards my pussy which was already drenched in my juices. He stuck a finger in and I let out a slight moan when he took it out and stuck it in his mouth. He started to rub my clit. Anthony would always tease me, rubbing all over and then finally hitting the G spot of mine that made me go wild. My body began shaking and trembling, I couldn’t take it and stand it long. He kept rubbing and flicking m clit furiously until I was somewhere high. My body was shaking violently, I lots control of my trembling and convulsing body, so he had to hold my legs open. I started to scream Anthony’s name when I reached a cunt blasting orgasm. Usually I squirt much when I cum and that day was not different. Squirt pushed out of me like a fountain and I screamed out.

“Lay on your side”, Anthony commanded. I did as I was told and he began to rub my ass with his fingers which were all covered with my juices. He was working very thoroughly on my ass to make it wider so that I could get to the size of his shaft later. He stuck his dick in my pussy and in a few thrusts he got it nice and all wet. One of his hands was rubbing my clit and pussy lips whereas another one guiding his huge cock toward my virgin ass. He kept whispering in my ear to relax and breath free. I’m sure it was very obvious how nervous I was. He forced the head of his dick into my ass and I let out a moan. I felt almost no pain while he was forcing the rest of his huge instrument inside of me. I told Anthony to rub my tits as his thrusts got faster and rhythmic.

“Do you like you ass fucked, girl? You are a bad dirty slut!” he mumbled in my ear.

“Yea, I’m a bad slut, I’m your bad slut! Just fuck me, don’t’ stop!”

Anthony’s huge cock was stretching my ass felt like nothing I’d ever experienced. I told Anthony I wanted to see him fuck my ass, so he turned me over with my ass in the air and my legs on his shoulders. He didn’t hesitate at all and shoved his cock back into me. I could see his big cock sliding in and out of my ass and all glistening with my juices.

“Fuck my ass harder, honey! Fuck it!”

He was fucking my ass like a mad rabbit! His movements get faster and faster. I could feel his cock got bigger with every thrust!

“I want you to cum, honey! Give it to me!” Antony’s strokes became so mad! I also was on the verge of cumming. His huge cock felt so good inside me. I started rubbing my clit so fast to make my climax get closer. I rubbed my poor clit violently while he was banging my ass with all his force. Suddenly I screamed out and came, at the same time Anthony began to cum along with me. “Yeah, cum all over me, I want you give that cum to me!” I told him. Anthony moaned and grunted. He pulled out and started stroking his cock furiously erupting heavy drops of cum which landed all over me! It was so good! I felt heaven reaching my own orgasm and feeling his sperm falling all over me.

We laid there for a minute, breathing heavily. His cum began to trickle down my body. He scooped it up with his fingers and brought his hand toward my mouth. I sucked off all the cum, and it tasted so good. That was my first anal experience and I hope your liked this story.

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3 Responses to “First anal experience!”

  1. hotmare Says:

    i would love to spend the night with your shaft in my ass.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Wow, that was awesome wish I could find a girl like you.

  3. Coby flentjar Says:

    Well Boo here I am getting my arse hole remmed by a big piece of meat I luv being sodomised Boo=D

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