Blind Date

June 17th, 2008

A guy, who has been dumped by his girlfriend, is surfing through the porn sites and various dating sites in search of a hot date. He finally finds one, and he is sure going to try her ass!

We extend our thanks to the author ANDREW.

The summer was really hot, being in the street in the day time was killing me. Great I wasn’t working, so I could stay home all day with the air-con on. It was cool in my room, I had everything I needed there, a nice, powerful computer connected to the Internet. A comfortable office chair and a big air-con that was making the summer much cooler for me. The fridge in the kitchen was full of beer and I would take a bottle or two, sat in front of the computer and surfed the porn-sites. It’s really great when you live alone, you do whatever you want, get up whenever you want, go wherever you want. It’s freedom and I value it a lot.

After surfing various pornsites and viewing new galleries at, I got really horny after watching the sultry babes posing for me. My dick was rock-hard and I felt I needed to stuff it inside some hot pussy. Unfortunately my ex-girlfriend dumped me and ran off with another guy. Well, I think she was kind of right, because I always neglected her, I needed only sex from her and when I shot a load inside her pussy, I immediately lost all my interest in her. She didn’t like it of course, she wanted more, she wanted pure love, romance, walks by the beach, serenades by her house and all that crappy stuff that girls get to read in shitty women’s magazines. Well, I am not a romantic person at all, so I used her as a tool to satisfy my cock. I needed nothing more from her. As time went by she understood that I wasn’t going to change, so she started looking for a better man. She found him at last, he was some computer nerd who was ready to lick the dust off her boots, she seemed to be satisfied and ran off with him. She was too proud to see me again and for me, it was the end of sex, I lost my girlfriend and now I am alone.

So, back to the porn sites, they got me really hard-on and I decided to go visit some dating site. There I found quite a few profiles of girls who were in search of their princess. Most of the girls were just wishing to keep in touch by e-mail. I closed their profiles and left the ones of the girls who were willing to go for a date. Unfortunately, most of them lived in other cities. I narrowed down my search again and at last found only three girls living in my city. I wrote all of them, suggesting that we meet. Only one of them replied my message. I didn’t even know how she looked like as her profile had no picture in it. It was kind of a blind date, but what the hell? I was so horny, so I agreed.

We agreed to meet in the park. I set the time for 11 a.m., what I like about this time is that the park is usually empty at this hour. Most of the people are at work, besides it is pretty hot and most of the people come there in the evening, when it cools off a bit.

I arrived at the park much earlier, I just sat on the bench and opened the can of beet that I brought with me. I took a sip and sat back in the bench, the beer hasn’t got warm yet, it was fresh from the freezer. I focused on the taste of beer and almost forgot what I was doing in the park. When I opened my eyes, I saw a pretty blonde walking towards me. She had a great body, long legs, she was wearing a short, sexy skirt. That was definitely her, otherwise what was she doing in the park at this time?

I rose from the bench and made a step towards her. “Hi, I am Andy, nice to meet you”.

“Nice to meet you too, I am Kate, but you can call me Katy”, She said in a sweet voice.

“How old are you Katy”, I asked and looked over her body again.

“I am nineteen”, she said and smiled again.

She was a hot, sexy teen, you couldn’t just help thinking of sex when you looked at her. She was so pure, so fresh, her body was just perfect. I really wanted her and the beer that I’ve had since morning made me even hornier.

She was wearing a really short skirt and I just couldn’t take my eyes away from her legs.

“So, let’s walk”, she said inviting me to walk around the park. She was walking ahead of me and I had a beautiful view of her gorgeous ass. It was just amazing, I didn’t even catch up with her and for a minute I was walking behind her, keeping my eyes on her ass.

She knew perfectly that I was staring at her ass, but she said nothing, she was walking and her ass was swaying in tact with her steps. In about five minutes we got to the middle of the park. There were no people around. I came up to Katy and looked straight into her eyes. I’d finished the beer by that time and was feeling pretty bold. I didn’t even have to break the ice and I said the first thing that came to my mind.

“Why are you wearing such a short skit, cutie?”

She paused for a minute and then said, “don’t you like that?”

“Well, I do, but I think you ass looks better when it’s not covered by anything”, I said and realized that was pretty impudent.

“You’re not taking your time, are you?”, she said and smiled.

“I can’t wait too much when such a beautiful lady is with me”, I said and placed my hand on her heap.

I expected her to take step back or say something like “get your hands off me, I am a decent girl”, but there was nothing like that. She was standing near me as if she wasn’t feeling my hands on her heap.

Making use of the situation, I started rubbing my hand over her heap and then slowly got to her ass, oh man! It was really amazing, I shoved my palm under her skirt and immediately felt that this bitch was wearing no panties!

I was surprised and my hand went still for a second. By then I got my senses back and went on a voyage of discovering and exploring her ass and her cunt.

“Is that what our date is all about?”, she asked and I could hear her voice was trembling.

“That’s just a foreplay”, I said and my fingers pushed into her pussy. It was absolutely clean and shaved. I love such pussies, it felt so neat, that wasn’t a single hair on it. I got to her pussy lips and started rubbing them with my fingers, Katy moaned slightly.

“Why don’t we lose that skirt?”, I said and she immediately unbuttoned it and it fell on the ground.

Now, Katy was almost nude, except for her top, but I didn’t care, I saw what I needed to see, her pussy and her fascinating butt. I crouched so that my head would be facing her pussy, I raised her leg and put it on my shoulder, she was now standing with one leg on my shoulder and another on the ground, that was a perfect position and I could have a perfect view of her yummiest parts. I stuck my tongue out and started licking her pussy, Katy moaned lustfully and pressed her pussy to my lips, I was working well with my tongue and soon was rewarded with abundant love juices that flew out of her pussy and covered all of my face. I slowly shifted to her clit and started playing with it. I took it in my mouth and was sucking it as if it were a tiny lollipop. Katy was now not herself anymore, she was screaming, begging me to go on, she was no longer able to stand on her legs.

I now sat on the ground and asked her to sit on my face. I also asked her to turn around so that she could place her ass right on my face. When she did that, I started licking her butthole. First I was acting rather shyly but in a minute, encouraged by Katy’s moans, I got bolder and spread her butt cheeks with my hands, her asshole was wide open facing me, without further ado I pushed my tongue deep inside her ass and started tongue-fucking her.

My tongue was working wonders in Katy’s ass and she was moaning real loudly. I totally buried my face in her ass and kept tongue-fucking her, meanwhile my fingers were rubbing her pussy. Katy was on her cloud. In about five minutes I stopped and Katy sat near me and started taking my shorts off. My dick was rock-hard and my dickhead was all sticking and wet with precum, I got really hot and excited.

“Have you ever tasted a real lollipop?”, I asked Katy and smiled.

“So, is that your lollipop”, Katy said laughingly and bent over my cock, she first started teasing me and her tongue started licking my dickhead, when she first licked it I felt as if I was electrocuted, that was really great. After a short foreplay she took my dick fully in her mouth and sucked all the precum of it, then she let it go and started licking my balls and while her frisky tongue was exploring my balls, more precum appeared on my dickhead.

She took my dick in her mouth again and it was like a game now. She was licking and sucking it, trying to take it as deep as she could into her mouth. I placed my hand on the back of her head and tried to impale her deeper on my cock, when almost all of my cock disappeared in her mouth, she started gagging and her saliva was wetting all of my dick. I couldn’t feel any better. Katy was a great sucker and my dick needed nothing more. She kept sucking me and I soon felt I was going to explode. I warned her, but she didn’t do anything to stop, instead, she started sucking even faster and in about three seconds my dick started shooting inside her mouth like a tommy-gun, spurt after spurt my cum was flooding her mouth and Katy was swallowing every single drop, I had too much cum and some of it, which she was unable to swallow ran down her lips and her chin. She smiled and kept sucking on my cock, it was shaking in orgasm and I was screaming, begging her to go on. When I finally drained my balls, she didn’t stop. She gently licked my cock clean and smiled at me.

“Wow, that was great!” , I said, Katy sat near me and we spent about five minutes talking to each other.

“Hey, how come I haven’t tried your sweet holes?, it’s not fair!”, I said.

“Why don’t we go to my place?”, I continued.

“Well, I guess we could”, she answered and gave me her fascinating smile. My sperm was sparkling on her face, it was getting dry with the sun.

“Let’s go, you need to take a shower”, I said and rose from the ground.

We went to my place. Luckily I live close to the park and it took us around 15 minutes to get there.

When we got to my place, Katy went to the shower, I went there together with her, we foamed each other with the shower gel and washed off the sweat of our hot, afternoon games.

Then I invited her to my bedroom. The only thing I wanted at that time, was her sweet ass. Katy understood what I wanted and got on the bed and stood in doggy fashion. I positioned myself close to her and directed my dick to her ass. When my dickhead pressed against her teen butthole, I even thought that I wasn’t going to penetrate it, it was so tight and small. Well, my desire to own that ass was much stronger, so I started pushing my dickhead inside her, Katy moaned and even tried to move her ass away from my dick, I grabbed her ass with my hands and didn’t let her move even a bit. Meanwhile my dick was courageously moving forward and soon half of it was inside her ass. Katy was moaning and I could understand that those were moans of pain, but I knew that the pleasure was near, so I relentlessly pushed my dick all the way in, she arched her back and screamed. I didn’t move, I was inside her, I let her get used to my dick inside her anus.

When Katy stopped and I felt that she was calm, I started moving inside her. I didn’t put any lub on my dick, so it was kind of uncomfortable first, but I easily found a way out, I spat on my fingers and lubricated the dick with my saliva. In about two minutes I worked her ass well and the pain gave way to pleasure. Now Katy was moaning lustfully. I intensified the tempo and now was ramming her ass. I wasn’t going to stop, I was going to give all the pleasures for my cock. The teen’s ass felt so wonderful on my cock, it was so tight and I could feel it my shaft being embraced real tight.

I felt that I was close to cumming, Katy felt it, got off from my dick and lay on the bed. I kneeled near her and started jerking my cock right in front of her face, Katy was looking at me, smiling. Soon her smiles were rewarded with the white semen that started shooting all over her face, this time, she wasn’t swallowing it, she tried to get her face totally covered in my semen. When I finally came, Katy took my cock in her hands and started rubbing it over her face, the remaining drops of my cum finally covered all of her face. She played with my cock for one more minute and then let it go. I got up and went to the kitchen. I still had a few cans of beer, waiting for me in the freezer. I took two of them, one for myself and another one for Katy.

When I got back, Katy was still lying in bed, she didn’t want to take a shower. I sat edge of the bed and opened my can. I took a deep sip of the cold beer and glanced at the watch. It was only 5 p.m.

“How about staying over at my place tonight?”

“Sure thing, why not?”, Katy answered.

I’ll show you some of my favorite porn sites. I said and thought of the hardcore sex we were going to have later.

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