Best cure

April 24th, 2008

A girl catches a cold and her boyfriend knows the best cure, wanna know what that is?

I caught a cold and was sleeping. Suddenly I felt somebody’s hand touch my butt. His fingers were squeezing my buttocks, touching my pussy from time to time. His fingers were caressing my back and going down to my butt again. I woke up.

He was massaging my ass getting closer to my pussy. It was wet and hot in several minutes. He was fondling my bosom and my puffy nipples with both his hands. I was gushing.

He pulled off my panties. With me standing in doggy style, he lubricated his cock with saliva and entered my pussy. I felt his hot dickhead inside. As my slit was pretty tight he had to thrust in with force working my snatch out, stretching it slowly.

At first, he was pretty slow fucking me, soon my juices were almost dripping on the bed sheet. The room was filled with our moaning and squelching sounds. He sped up. He was simply screwing me. I felt his cum hit my womb in several minutes.

He started kissing me, starting with my neck, then going down my back and finally reaching my wet vagina. It was real blast! I was trembling with pleasure, I wanted some deep penetration.

I turned round on my stomach. He entered my pussy again and started ramming it hard, it was the very pose I wanted! I would feel his dickhead enter my bosom. I raised my pelvis making sure he reached my womb when thrusting in. Every new thrust made me hotter. I was shivering. He was taking his time, I felt I was about to climax.

I touched my clit and started tossing it off. I climaxed in less than a minute. He stopped fucking my swollen and stretched pussy. So I took his shaft in my hand and touched it with my lips. I licked off all of the lubrication. I was sucking it deep in my throat, caressing his balls, sucking and licking them. His cock was rocky hard. My hand was jerking the stem and lips were licking it. He couldn’t last long, and I felt a hot load of his salty cum in my mouth. There was a lot of semen, so it was leaking down my chin.

That was the best cure for me, at least it helped me recover.

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  3. rahul Says:

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  4. rahul Says:

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