Anal vac

December 8th, 2008

Can you imagine going on vacation without your wife? Are you sure you can get by without sex when there are so many hot girls with leaking pussies and willing assholes?

It happened last September. My wife and I were going to celebrate our anniversary with a romantic vac to the Caribbean. But unfortunately, my wife got an urgent and very important business trip to make and I decided to go on the vac alone, my wife didn’t mind.

First I thought I could call some of my friends and go with them but all of them were busy too. It was my first trip to the Caribbean and I was really excited.

I loved my suite, I loved the place, and I loved the view out of my window. I spent the first two days lying in the sun and bathing, I really loved it there, well, safe for the fact it was a bit uncomfortable to spread sun lotion over my back.

It was day three when I decided to go hang out. I had some drinks and looked round the dance floor in search of a cute babe for a quickie. I saw one in a chill out area. She was with a friend. Both were very attractive. They actually looked like top models or something. Soon I was chatting with one of them. Her name was Nikki.

We were chatting, drinking, dancing… Her friend went back to the hotel. We left in an hour and I offered to see her to the hotel. She didn’t mind. Turned out Nikki was married and she was there with her best friend. When it was time to say good bye I asked her if I could call her the next day, she said she would be happy to see me again. I kissed her on the lips and she… responded. I didn’t expect that to happen and thought she was either tipsy or horny. Or maybe she fell in love with me?

I’m not a shy guy but I was hesitant when calling her next morning. She was beautiful and she was married. Anyway, I called her in the afternoon. That night we went to the movies, then to a café, and then to my suite… I can’t even tell you who came up with that idea, probably both of us.

I took a comedy movie, we ordered a couple of bottles of wine and fruits to the room. Nikki liked my suite and said hers was not that posh. We sat down on my large bed and turned on the movie. I wondered what would happen next… What if she was a bad lover? Cold and boring? Or maybe too self-absorbed?

We were watching the movie, drinking wine, chatting, kissing and fondling each other. It was the time. I suggested watching some erotic movie instead of the comedy. I took out the disk I brought along. It wasn’t erotica, it was hardcore porn. When the film just started Nikki got glued to the screen saying that if I considered it to be erotica, she couldn’t even imagine what I thought to be hardcore porno. I blushed, kissed her and said I would turn it off if she wanted, but Nikki insisted on watching it till the end. We were watching porn and talking. Nikki said her husband was a military officer and was very conservative, especially in sex matters.

Nikki shared her greatest sex dream with me. She wanted to try it hardcore but her husband couldn’t give it to her. An idea struck me – we were perfect for each other! We could make each other’s dreams come true. Neither her husband, nor my wife was very inventive in sex, and could let us experiment. We could break the circle and try something horny and dirrrty. I told her about it. She was listening to me, watching the movie. She suddenly noted that she’d never seen anything like this before and couldn’t even imagine such filthy films were made at all. I glanced at the screen. The scene was nothing special for me.

Nikki was very aroused. As soon as I took her clothes off and got my hand in her panties, she came on my finger after several thrusts. It wasn’t a strong orgasm but I was surprised to see how hot she was. I got naked. Nikki said she was afraid to do something wrong. Her body was gorgeous, I had a boner. Nikki wasn’t a skillful sucker but she was very enthusiastic, I liked it. My cock was well lubricated with her saliva. I asked her what she did that for, and she replied she wanted to try something she’d never tried with her husband. It was great news for me! I asked her about anal sex. Nikki confessed she tried it a couple of times with a dildo, she liked it and even had several orgasms in the row. She said those were unusual orgasms. Her husband didn’t fuck her ass thinking it was disgusting.

I knew what to do. She got on her knees and I entered her butt hole with my erect penis. Nikki sighed and then started impaling her rectum on my shaft but I told her not to. She obeyed. It felt really great inside her ass. She liked the sensation too, saying she was on the verge of cumming. She climaxed loudly after several thrusts.

Then she said it was dry in her anus. I blurted out something about adding some saliva on my cock. I didn’t know she would agree but she did! She wanted it hardcore, she got it! I got my cock out of her hole (it was dirty) and Nikki sucked on it immediately. She was sucking with great pleasure and enthusiasm. I kept on screwing her ass then, she was sitting on my stem, I was lying on my back.
It was turning me on to think how horny Nikki was. Nikki said she was very hot and liked to suck my cock after it’d just banged her anus. Her butt was well stretched by that moment and she started cumming again and again. She was giving me head as soon as I asked her for it. She loved blowjob!
I felt like cumming too and asked her to drink my sperm. Nikki hesitated. I asked her if anything was wrong and she said she’d only drunk cum once before and she wasn’t really experienced in it.

After Nikki had another orgasm on my prick (I helped her cum rubbing her clit and kissing her firm boobies) she asked me to get on top and fuck her as hard and deep as I only could. I loved the idea though I did feel like cumming myself. Several frictions later I decided to do as follows. I asked her if she could lick my anus. Nikki didn’t reply but I felt her tongue fondle my sphincter, tickling it. As soon as I felt her lips get closer to my balls I entered her mouth with my cock and erupted inside it. There was a lot of sperm, and Nikki was drinking it with great pleasure as if it were some kind of tasty juice.

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