Anal triangle

October 12th, 2007

A young student loves when her ass is getting fucked and she’s got a boyfriend who loves fucking her tight butt, but her professor is the one who loves it no less than her boyfriend.

Alison Rodgers is a girl with a nice round face and big blue eyes. She’s not tall. Though being rather slender, she has big boobs reminding me of ripe melons. They’re soft, but firm. Her nipples are of brown-cherry color.

Alison is lying in the bed of her friend, Randal. He’s an artist. They’re so different. He’s very tall and thin. He’s that thin that ribs can be seen under his tanned skin. Alison’s sandy hair is entwined with Randal’s black curls. Alison’s also an artist. They study at the same art college. They’re lying in bed naked, watching a portfolio.

-Look how well he managed to paint her eyes! – Alison cries out pointing at a picture.

They both are lying on the stomachs, side by side, watching a portfolio of a contemporary Dutch artist.

-Nothing special, – Randal replies. – You know I like impressionists more.

They were making love just 30 minutes ago. Alison was standing on her knees on the carpet, clutching at an armchair cushion with her white fingers. She was biting that cushion in order not to cry while Randal was fucking her anus with his long thick Vaseline lubricated dick. Her butt was stretched soon. Her sphincter was used to anal drilling. Randal was more careful then, his frictions were more slowly. But he was accelerating the tempo till he could easily screw her butt the way he wanted to.

His long thin hairy legs were bent, he was almost squatting, moving his pelvis to and fro, up and down, getting his long and curved cock in Alison’s soft and stretched hole. They looked very funny together. When Randal was standing by her side, Alison could only see his navel, or a bit higher. Stooping and thin Randal was 7 ft high while small Allison was some 1.64 ft shorter.

His flaccid dick was longer than Alison’s hand from the tips of her fingers to her elbow. When Randal got into her asshole she felt like impaled. But the pain didn’t bother her for long. She got used to his huge pecker in her rectum. And the pain gave way to sheer bliss when the big and well lubricated dick was getting in and then out of her butt, pressing against the most sensitive nerve endings in her anus.

-Anyway nobody could express this look the right way, – Alison continues, paying no attention to his grin.
-Look at Monet, and you’ll change your opinion.

-You know Randal, it’s all about psychology. If you want to see something in impressionist works – you see it. But here… you don’t need to be in special mood or have special training… Anyone can understand the artist’s idea!

Alison is speaking energetically and confidently. Randal turns to his back, closing his face with his hands.

-What was Prof. Richardson talking to you about? – He says in a hoarse voice.

-Again? The same old story? – Alison bites her lip irritated.

Her friend gives no response. Just his cheeks show he’s excited.

-I’m interested in his manner of painting., that’s all!

-If that’s all, why are you always smiling at him like that?

-Like what?

-OK, enough. Let’s drop the subject. I’m like a stupid jealous man.

He turns back to his stomach watching the picture closely. The picture shows a couple: an old man in an old fashioned tailcoat with a top hat on his head. He is sitting near a young but very beautiful girl in a motley dress. He is holding a cigar in his one hand, and the girl’s waist by the other hand. They are sitting on a wicker couch against the lake surrounded by high mountains.

Alison is absolutely right. The painting is so well done that it reminds of a photograph, and any mediocre can understand what the picture is about. The girl is screwing up her eyes. They are smiling slyly as if saying: “Now you’re my master, but I’m younger and stronger than you. Your caress isn’t enough for me, so that’s why I was fucking a driver in a bower this morning.”

An attentive viewer can really see a silhouette of a man in a driver cap standing aside. One can see neither his eyes, nor his face expression, just his cap. His shadow is resting on the girl’s crossed legs, almost reaching a deep cleavage exposing firm tanned breasts. The picture is filled with lust, involving the viewer into the kept woman’s cheat on her master.

Randal sighs. Prof. Richardson is a great artist, he’s especially good at drawings. At black and white and colored ones. But why is she flirting with him and saying she loves him, Randal, and no one else? Randal is feeling pang of jealousy. He’s looking at Alison sideways. He sees she’s studying him, knitting her light eyebrows and pressing her lips.

-Randal, I love you and only you, do you hear me?

He pulls her head closer, kissing her plump lips. His tongue gets in her hot mouth, meeting her tongue.

-Mmmm, – Alison’s moaning.

Randal’s hand is resting on her thin waist. His huge palms meet on her white back. It’s not at all difficult for him to raise the slim girl up, putting her on his chest, face to face, still kissing her vehemently.

His thin fingers slide into her deep and soft hole between her round buttocks. His fingers find her half opened anus, which is still wet of their previous fuck. He gets his index finger in her sphincter feeling his own sticky cum.

-Maybe one more time? – He says, still kissing her.

-Why are you asking? I love second times much more than first, -Alison replies, moaning of arousal, fidgeting on his long body.

She feels hot pulsation of his hard cock somewhere at the level of her knees.

Randal is lying in the middle of the bed holding a tiny girl in his arms. She’s like a Thumbelina in his hands. His strong legs are hanging down the bed. The bed is apparently too small for his height. Just a movement and Alison is facing his hard-on. Randal is half sitting in bed now for her to get very close to his boner.

Alison is holding his giant dick with her hands, trying to tuck his huge dickhead in her small mouth. It’s difficult to do it but she somehow manages. At this moment she feels her boyfriend’s tongue licking her gushing vagina, getting between her swollen vulva lips. They’re licking and sucking each other’s most erogenic zones for a while. Randal is caressing the opened flower of her anus with his two fingers brought together.

Finally, he turns her round to see her face again. Her legs are lying on his shoulders. His hands are resting on her globe-like round buttocks. He’s trying to enter her asshole, impaling her sphincter on his disproportionately huge cock.

-Aaaa, – Alison is moaning getting a giant pecker in her insides.

She is trying to relax her anal muscles. Specific sounds are accompanying their frictions, but none of them two is laughing. One can only hear their heavy breathing in the quiet room.

Alison is impaling herself on his prick more and more, touching his scrotum by her skin. Randal begins to raise her up and down, but her butt is less stretched that during their first sex today, so it’s rather difficult for him to get through the resistance of her tight ass. He’s very careful, getting the girl off his knob. He’s lubricating her opened sphincter and his huge stem with the Vaseline. He’s impaling her on his shaft back again. That’s much better this way. Soon his dick can easily go in and out of her stretched anus. Sounds of their frictions make Alison blush while they’re turning on her partner.

Alison is moaning silently. Her small fingers are fingering her clit, circling over it. Her body is trembling under pressure of a series of orgasms. She doesn’t realize what is going on around, she’s tossing her head from side to side, ticking her lover’s unshaven face with her hair.

-Aaaa, – Randal is groaning.

His thick cock is getting even larger erupting sticky white liquid in Alison’s rectum. He’s flinging back on the pillow, seized by a huge wave of orgasm. Alison is burying her sweat face in his neck, breathing heavily. Her insides are filled with lots of pleasant sensations. Randal’s dick is getting flaccid, getting out of her hole.

They leave the room in an hour taking the Dutch portfolio with them.

What do you think about his look? – Alison asks.

She’s lying in bed with Professor Richardson. They’re watching the Dutch portfolio.

He was fucking her ass just several minutes ago. There was a lot of cum. She was afraid to spot the bed sheet, so they both were lying on their stomachs, feeling nice relaxation after a wild sex.

-I’d say there is too much of the grin, but generally I like it.

-I think Monet expresses the psychology of a relationship better, – Alison says.

-What about Monet? Randal is the only one crazy about him. He’s walking around talking about Monet.

-Stop it John. I love you and only you, do you hear me?

In stead of answering he’s pressing her sandy head closer to his face inhaling the aroma of her long hair.

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4 Responses to “Anal triangle”

  1. Jenya Stud Says:

    i heard once they practiced anal affairs in our college, though i didn’t ever see it! however girls look so sexy i think there is hardly any teacher who can stand this!!!

  2. David Says:

    Anal sex is so much fun!!! I love it!

  3. whereareyoumum Says:

    I like it…

  4. Sev Says:

    Poor Randal

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