This chick loves sucking cocks, she can never count the number of cocks she’s sucked in her life and she’s never going to stop!

Today the whole class was leaving for a camping trip in the oak forests. However Angelina was growing restless. She wasn’t interested in all the arrangement her classmates were busy with. She was thirsty, horny and was craving cum very much! She was looking around thinking of what to do. She noticed that the teacher was distracted by someone, so she whispered to 5 of the guys in her class to follow her. She had been sucking cock all morning on the way to school at the bus stop, then in the bus itself, with a guy from another class, then in the bathrooms at school. However, she wasn’t anywhere finished. Once she starts sucking a cock, it is very hard for her to stop wanting more cum, suck more balls and gag on more cock.

Angelina and the group of guys slipped into another corridor when no one was looking. She took them around her in a circle and begged to give them all head. At first they were reluctant. They refused and called her a disgusting worthless cum sucker, but she whimpered and begged so pathetically! She said to the biggest boy how huge she thought his ball might be. They eventually gave up when she suggested paying each of them! They charged 100$ for a company, 20 bucks for cock, and she agreed! She was such a cum-slut that she was paying them to let her suck them off. She loved how degrading and humiliating it felt to sink so low! (Read More…)

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Banging all the four cocks!

March 3rd, 2010

The husband gets to watch his lovely wife getting fucked by four men, he really enjoys the show and even decides to be a part of it…

This story is true. I think it deserves much of applauses. My wife Manuella, was 19 when we got married and I was her first man. Manuella is a tall blonde with an awesome breasts and a firm round ass. After 2 years I talked her into having swing fun and we had done it for a few times. This continued for about 3 years. She never protested when we discussed a threesome and I knew she wanted to try 2 cocks. Finally while we were playing one day she suddenly said to call our friend Harry, who was a frequent guest in our house, especially in times when he had some troubles. That surprised me a lot, as she had never shown any attraction to him. However, I didn’t want to lose such an opportunity, I called him and he was arrived as soon as it was possible. There we had about dozen of threesomes with him for the following entire year.

Once I was sent to the business appointment, so let me tell you about happened when I returned from a two-week trip. During the trip Manuella and I spoke on phone frequently and it always came around to how badly we wanted each other. As the first week ended she was telling me how horny she was and I asked did she want to fulfill her fantasy of having three men. To my surprise she did not even hesitate and replied: (Read More…)

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Hot, pretty babes shouldn’t drink and drive, this chick did and ran into problems with the law, she had to take the issue with the hot officer who fucked the shit out of her…

We extend our thanks to the author Phil.

It had been a very long day and after 10 hours at work Kath just wanted to go home and soak in a hot tub. As she returned to her desk she noticed that an email had come through at the last second.
‘Do I really want to read this now?’ she thought but before she could answer herself she had already clicked on it. It was from the girls at the office reminding her that they had arranged to go out that night. Although Kath felt tired she also felt quite excited at the thought of a night on the town, so turning off the computer she made her way down to the car park.

Pushing the button on the key, she suddenly noticed in the corner of her eye someone standing by a car. She swung around slightly nervous at who it could be.

‘Evening. Just checking the car park. Don’t be alarmed’, replied the police officer. ‘You’re in a bit of a rush?’

‘Just on my way home, then out with some friends but I’m glad you’re here checking on us.’ Kath felt immediately attracted to the officer and felt the warm tingle down her spin into her underwear. She opened the door of the car and wondered to herself why she had got so aroused at the sight of that officer. ‘Maybe I’ve just been working a bit too hard and need some release’, she thought. (Read More…)

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The woman I love!

May 11th, 2009

This man is married but the life with his wife does not make him happy, he finds another woman and discovers what a true love really means…

Do you believe in love at first sight? Some people say that it truly exists and it is just a matter of occasion, some say that this is bullshit and never occurs in real life. But let me tell you a story to prove that love at first sight really exist. Moreover, the love is true generally. Now, juts a few lines about myself: a 32 year old man, married, a receding hair, a bit chubby, all that is a very nice beginning for an erotic story! He-he! Some girls might feel strange: getting married with love when I was 19. I was love sick that time, and my wife didn’t share her affection with me, she seemed to be one of those women who could not be satisfied with anything. Cold? Well, perhaps she didn’t love sex much. Bitch? No, she was really OK with me, but our sexual life needed to be revised. We had sex only twice in a month, and that seemed to be enough for her. It was like going to the ill fame house, and more often it finished with words: “get off me, and that’s enough!” no need to say that even a fallen softie and doormat would need some new and fresh flesh and more sex. It’d been about 2 years running as my wife was spending her summer vacation at her parents’ ranch, in a 1200 miles distance. I couldn’t have an opportunity to join her cause of my work. Of course I wanted to spend this time with success and meet someone. Going to the personals and other chat sites was a wasting of time, there were some rendezvous but each time whether I was rejected or I had to retire… going to the brothel was not a solution! (Read More…)

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This guy gets really excited when he learns that his girlfriend has been fucked by someone else, the idea of another cock drilling her pussy really makes the guy hot and mad, this time she’s got another story to tell him and I am sure you’re going to love it!

I met Irena 10 years ago when I was a four-year student and she was a freshman. Our university had a dancing course which was very popular with girls.

So, we met when Irena came to be enlisted for this course with her friend. I noticed her immediately. She was a beautiful slim girl with a C-cup bust and two hard nipples sticking through the fabric of her top. She never wore a bra and even now she doesn’t.

I tried to attract her attention to me for a few weeks but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. When we started dating she confessed that she had just pretended that I was not interesting for her at that time. She told me later she had wanted me from the first time we’d seen each other but she was too shy to admit that.

Generally, it seemed to me she wasn’t interested in me at all and soon I quitted that. I had plenty of girls around me at that time. In 2001 I graduated from the university and decided to find a constant partner, my future wife. For a long time it was impossible. There were many reasons for that. (Read More…)

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  • Vera and Vlad!

    It's so nice to meet an old friend of yours, it's even better when you meet him quite unexpectedly and you don't know what's on his mind.
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  • Disco club!

    This babe is having fun in the disco club, she is dancing around with a guy who suggests they should find a private place in one of the rooms, she agrees and there they get down to satisfying their lust.
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My slut friends

April 7th, 2009

Do you recall the years when you were a college student? Lots of sex parties and hot nights, read this story and make your head buzz with hot memories…

This all happened because of Maria, out literature teacher, who decided to organize a theatrical ball. She divided us into groups, distributed texts and asked to learn them. The next day we planned to start rehearsals.

My group was to play “Three sisters” by Chehov, a Russian playwright. The group consisted of my friend Natalie, the sex bomb of our course Stephanie, two guys and me. The guys were nice. We were lucky to have them, not the others.

Bob was a handsome, tall blonde, intelligent and the son of wealthy parents. He wore fantastic clothes. Another man was his close friend Archie. He was tall and hunky and well-dressed either.

- Well, girls, – Archie said when the lesson was over, – shall we go to my place and organize a small rehearsal?

I looked at Natalie. She winked at me that meant I was to agree. Stephanie decided for all of us:

- Why are you hesitating? – She grinned and asked Archie. – Do you have anything to eat? (Read More…)

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Fabiola a timid wife!

March 31st, 2009

This timid wife discovers that she is addicted to having sex with total strangers and the husband shares her fantasies, he follows her once and sees everything with his own eyes…

My name is Alex, my wife is Fabiola. This story is how we made our sexual life more intense, exciting and, in some case, saved our marriage. We had been married almost 7 years now and our sex life was dull and boring. Fabiola was not very open about sex and sometimes she even acted as if it was something dirty and disgusting. When I tried to talk about it and give her ideas, willing to make her open up, she would get nervous, angry and accuse me of not loving her the way she wanted.

One day she was shopping at the big store and she saw a young woman being followed by several young men. She noticed her standing at the parking lot, with a group of young horny guys touching and feeling her up from all around. The girl saw her and smiled back. My wife got a bit confused, and then went to the shop’s small café to drink something cold and calm nerves. When she was about to finish her juice, that girl approached the table and seated next to Fabiola. She said that she noticed my wife looking at her. Being a bit scared and confused, Fabiola asked her what the reason for such behavior was. The young girl said that she really loved the guys’ attention. Then my wife replied that it was shameless to make out with someone watching them. The young girl replied: (Read more…)

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Things were gonna start…

February 27th, 2009

This woman is loyal to her husband although kinky fantasies keep coming into her mind, she meets a horny, young guy at work and we should read to find out whether she is going to cheat on her husband…

This is a story of what happened to me last month!

Let’s start from the beginning. My name is Catarina, I’m a 48 year old happily married woman, in may late 40ths, and I have only ever been with my husband, I was a virgin when we met and stayed faithful ever since. Stayed faithful up to last month.

I work in a big store, I have worked there for over 12 years and always worked my way from the store to the home, all the time the same. I really enjoy my job and have met some really great people. I’ve been friendly with one of the men there for about 6 years, his half my age, we just got to know each other because we both do the same kind of job. But we work in different sections of our store. It was nothing more than friends, he had a girlfriend until recently and as for me, I have always said and stated that I’m happily married.

I would say, at one point, over the last years, I have always wondered what it would be like if I had something with another man or woman, like most women of my age do, even married ones, and moreover, I have always a fantasy of being with a group of men at the same time. Actually, I am flirty by nature and sometime I caught myself flirting back with someone, but always stopped! (Read More…)

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A neighborhood slut!

February 25th, 2009

This woman is being neglected by her husband, he ignores her pussy and she has to resort to dildos to satisfy her lust, but that can’t go on forever and she hooks up with a bunch of horny students who are willing to fuck all of her holes.

Samantha looked at herself in the mirror. She is a stunning 29 year old, and her friends always said that she could be a model if she wants to. Samantha has an angelic face, sweet, big blue eyes, sexy lips, so juicy and desirable, that of Angelina Jolie’s. When she smiles, it opens a wide range of white perfect teeth. Her natural long blonde hair falls down her shoulders, partially covering her breasts. Her breasts are larges, with sexy large nipples that look deliciously, like 2 jewels waiting to be sucked. Almost every day she waxes and shaves her pussy, and it is very smooth to touch it definitely opens up a good view of her swollen, ripe vulva.

She was super gorgeous. The most annoying thing which was bothering her at this time was her hubby Andrew, who had been ignoring her recently. Why he was ignoring her, she wondered. Andrew has been her husband for 4 years. He was 30, when he married her. From the very first day, Andrew couldn’t get enough of her. They would fuck every day. Sometimes, they have sex 2 times a day, and during the weekends they would have it 3 times a day! Samantha has got a high sex drive and it suits her sexual needs. But lately, Andrew has changed, after he was promoted to the Financial Director’s position in his company. He goes for long business trips and he is always tired when he comes home late at night. Her pussy ached for his 9” cock, but all the time, he cannot give her what she really needs.

Looking at herself again in the mirror she says to herself that she looks great and she doesn’t need any plastic surgery help. She knew it that if she only went out for a walk, she could get any man to fuck her anytime. “Oh, my God! I need a man!” Samantha was really desperate. (Read More…)

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New Year – new life. Part 2

February 18th, 2009

The party goes on and now the man has to strap the slut wife in front of everyone, he is spanking her ass and than goes on to fuck it, wanna know what’s going to happen next?

- Stop it! Put your hands down! I’ll kill you, bastard!!! – I had to remain uncovered and the man was taking his unfaithful spouse under the table.

- Just look at them!!! When did you have time to become so close? I’ll kill you, I promise! But before that I’ll cut off your tiny cock and you, bitch, will eat that!!! Stop it, I said!! – He addressed me this time because I made another attempt to remove my cock.

- Andrew, don’t do that. You can punish them in a different way, – Julia stood our part.

I suddenly felt ashamed but then that feeling was substituted by fear. Andrew looked at us and became thoughtful for a moment. It seemed to me I could hear his convolutions moving.

- Well, I guess it’s my wife’s fault first of all. I’m sure it was her idea. But you’ll be punished as well… Take off everything! Right now! Otherwise, I’ll do that myself and then throw you outside to feel the New Year frost! (Read More…)

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    Many things can happen during a night shift especially if you work in hospital, read and get hot...
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    These two couples are having much fun in the house, they are fucking and sucking each other and it's really hard to say who is there, but do we need to know? The only thing that matters is that it's a really nice gang-bang.
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