This chick loves sucking cocks, she can never count the number of cocks she’s sucked in her life and she’s never going to stop!

Today the whole class was leaving for a camping trip in the oak forests. However Angelina was growing restless. She wasn’t interested in all the arrangement her classmates were busy with. She was thirsty, horny and was craving cum very much! She was looking around thinking of what to do. She noticed that the teacher was distracted by someone, so she whispered to 5 of the guys in her class to follow her. She had been sucking cock all morning on the way to school at the bus stop, then in the bus itself, with a guy from another class, then in the bathrooms at school. However, she wasn’t anywhere finished. Once she starts sucking a cock, it is very hard for her to stop wanting more cum, suck more balls and gag on more cock.

Angelina and the group of guys slipped into another corridor when no one was looking. She took them around her in a circle and begged to give them all head. At first they were reluctant. They refused and called her a disgusting worthless cum sucker, but she whimpered and begged so pathetically! She said to the biggest boy how huge she thought his ball might be. They eventually gave up when she suggested paying each of them! They charged 100$ for a company, 20 bucks for cock, and she agreed! She was such a cum-slut that she was paying them to let her suck them off. She loved how degrading and humiliating it felt to sink so low! (Read More…)

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